Sensor Mirror Trio


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Good morning and happy Tuesday! One of my favorite parts about the morning is getting ready for the day. I find it very relaxing to take my time sipping my coffee while I go through my daily routine, which includes doing my makeup. Having good light is essential, especially when applying eyeliner. This illuminated mirror, with three different magnifications (1x, 5x, 10x) gives exceptional detail and allows you to achieve flawless pro-quality makeup application. The mirror has numerous light settings as well with simulated natural sunlight and even a candlelight setting. I really love the built-in motion sensor, which lights the mirror up automatically as you approach it. I personally use the 5x magnification side on a daily basis and love love love the sunlight mode. The light is truly amazing and worth every penny. This mirror is a game changer for makeup application.  

xo, Amanda

Classic Summer Movies


Good morning everyone and happy Monday! I hope all of the dads out there enjoyed their Father’s Day weekend!   

With summer in full swing, I thought it’d be fun to take a look at the top 10 movies I always watch in the good ole summertime. Most of them do take place in the summer and they’re all classics. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are many more movies that are essentially summer based like Grease,  National Lampoons Summer Vacation, American Graffiti, or The Sandlot, but I don’t watch them over and over year after year, though they should be watched! They’re all anazing classics. Below is the list of my favorite classic movies that I make point to watch each summer and sometimes throughout the whole year! 

1. Rear Window


This is one of my most favorite movies of all time. It’s no surprise it’s a Hitchcock movie. I’ve always been fascinated by this movie in the dead heat of summer in New York City. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve watched this movie, especially with my mom. She was always my movie buddy. Grace Kelly is absolutely stunning and at the height of her career here. My senior prom dress was inspired by her white gown in this movie. I also love that Jimmy Stewart is a photographer and the majority of the movie takes place in one room while looking out or “people watching” his neighbors. 

“A newspaper photographer with a broken leg passes time recuperating by observing his neighbors through his window. He sees what he believes to be a murder, and decides to solve the crime himself. With the help of his nurse and girlfriend, he tries to catch the murderer without being killed himself.” 

2. Gidget 


This was always the one movie I tried to catch on TCM each year. It would always be in the summer and I can remember all of the beautiful light shining into my parents house with the windows and door open to let the fresh summer air in. While some might think the Beach Party movies with Frankie Avalon are the essential summer flick, Gidget was the one for me. It’s such a cute film taking place on the sunny beaches of California. Sandra Dee is adorable and James Darren is pretty cute to look at too. 

“Diminutive teenager Francie Lawrence (Sandra Dee) has a bunch of boy-crazy friends, but she could care less about boys. That is, until she goes to the beach one day and meets surfer Jeffrey "Moondoggie" Matthews (James Darren) and his friends, including Burt "The Big Kahuna" Vail (Cliff Robertson). Now, Francie, whom the boys call "Gidget" -- short for girl midget -- wants to learn how to surf, so she buys a used board and dives into the sunny world of Southern California surfing fever.”

3. The Burbs 


I remember first seeing this movie as a kid and being instantly hooked. It’s been an all time favorite of mine since then. I watch it multiple times throughout the year. I watched it last week! It’s another “people watching” movie involving neighbors similar to the idea of Rear Window. The whole cast comes together perfectly to produce some amazing results. It’s great to see Carrie Fisher in this and the trio of Tom Hanks, Bruce Dern, and Rick Ducommun are so funny to watch. 

 “Settling in for some time off in his suburban home, Ray Peterson's (Tom Hanks) vacation becomes a horror when the Klopeks, a suspiciously odd family, move in down the block. Enlisting the aid of his paranoid buddy, Art (Rick Ducommun), and his militia-man neighbor, Rumsfield (Bruce Dern), Ray sends his son and wife (Carrie Fisher) away on a trip while he investigates the Klopeks. When a neighbor disappears, Ray and his cohorts risk their lives to save their cul-de-sac from the clutches of evil.”

4. The Seven Year Itch 


 I have been a huge Marilyn fan for quite some time now with this being one of my top favorites of hers. My other two favorites are Niagra and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. She has always been one of the most beautiful women in the world to me. Interestingly enough, my brother actually introduced me to her. This was always one movie I would put on to have going in the background while I would work on homework or be writing a paper. There’s something just really comforting about this movie. It’s funny and cute and Marilyn is beyond beautiful. Of course, there is the famous skirt scene, though you don’t see much. 

“In the midst of a summer heat wave, New Yorker Richard Sherman (Tom Ewell) ships his wife, Helen (Evelyn Keyes), and their son off to Maine for vacation. Left alone to work back in Manhattan, Richard encounters a gorgeous blonde model (Marilyn Monroe) who has moved into the apartment upstairs, and becomes immediately infatuated. While pondering infidelity, Richard dreams of his beautiful new neighbor -- but will his fantasies about her become a reality?”

5. To Catch A Theif  


Another Hitchcock movie starring Grace Kelly, only this time the leading man is Cary Grant. ~Swoon~ He is my favorite actor and magic always happens when Hitch directs either one of them. This was one of my mom’s favorite movies of all time. She loved the fireworks scene. My junior prom dress was inspired by the gold dress Grace Kelly wears to the costume party. There is much to be dazzled by between the two leading actors and the stunning French Riviera. 

“Notorious cat burglar John Robie (Cary Grant) has long since retired to tend vineyards on the French Riviera. When a series of robberies is committed in his style, John must clear his name. Armed with a list of people who own the most expensive jewels currently in the area, John begins following the first owner, young Francie (Grace Kelly). When her jewels are stolen, Francie suspects John, destroying their tentative romance. John goes on the lam to catch the thief and clear his own name.”

6. The Long, Long Trailer  


I actually just watched this one last night! The two stars alone make this movie quite a gem. If you’re fans of the television classic I Love Lucy, this is an absolute must see. It’s nice to see Lucy and Desi in color and to also hear Lucy’s actual singing voice. This is not a musical, but there is one scene where they kind of hum/sing a quick song while driving and it’s one of my favorite scenes in the whole movie. They look so relaxed and happy while driving through some gorgeous scenery. 

 “Nicholas Collini (Desi Arnaz) has to travel for his job as an engineer -- so his fiancée, Tacy (Lucille Ball), suggests that rather than buy a house after their wedding, they invest in a motor home so they can see the country together. But the aggravations of life with nosy trailer park neighbors and the dangers of piloting an enormous trailer across narrow country roads soon take their toll on the happy couple, putting their young marriage in turmoil.”


7. The Ghost And Mr. Chicken  


This is an all time favorite movie with my family. We all love it! My family loves The Andy Griffith show so we’ve always been fans of Don Knotts. Who doesn’t love Barney Fife?!? I love the hometown feel of this movie and the “spookyness” of it. “And they used Bon Ami!!” This movie could be considered a good one for Fall as well with the ghost theme, but I’ve always considered it more of a summer movie. In all honesty, I watch it multiple times throughout the whole year. The idea for this movie actually came from an episode of The Andy Griffith Show called “Haunted House.” Andy also helped with writing script. 

“Looking to score a break as a newspaper reporter and impress beautiful Alma Parker (Joan Staley), milquetoast typesetter Luther Heggs (Don Knotts) pitches a story about his small town's haunted house. When his editor (Dick Sargent) insists Luther spend a night alone in the spooky mansion, where a grisly murder-suicide had taken place decades earlier, the timid reporter learns that the house contains a supernatural resident who doesn't like visitors.” 

8. Jaws  


This is the quintessential summer blockbuster movie where you’re going to need a bigger boat. Bonus points, this was filmed in Cape Cod near Marga’s vineyard and Falmouth! One of the most iconic two music notes in movie history. 

“When a young woman is killed by a shark while skinny-dipping near the New England tourist town of Amity Island, police chief Martin Brody (Roy Scheider) wants to close the beaches, but mayor Larry Vaughn (Murray Hamilton) overrules him, fearing that the loss of tourist revenue will cripple the town. Ichthyologist Matt Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss) and grizzled ship captain Quint (Robert Shaw) offer to help Brody capture the killer beast, and the trio engage in an epic battle of man vs. nature.” 

9. Send Me No Flowers  


There are three films where Rock Hudson and Dorris Day teamed up together including this one, which was the last of the trio. The others include “Pillow Talk” and “Lover Come Back.” This one has always been my favorite though since it shows them in their everyday married life and all the halirty that follows. Tony Randall really steals the show here and also stars with them in the other two movies. 

 “After eavesdropping on his doctors as they discuss another patient, George (Rock Hudson), a middle-aged hypochondriac, leaves a hospital visit believing he's terminally ill. Assuming he'll soon be dead, George enlists his friend, Arnold (Tony Randall), to help him find a new husband for his wife, Judy (Doris Day). They eventually settle on Bert (Clint Walker), a successful businessman. But George's odd behavior makes Judy suspect he's covering up an affair.” 

10. Dirty Dancing  


No one puts baby in a corner! Enough said. That lift scene at the end and the romance that blossoms during dancing lessons will make anyone swoon in the summer heat. 

 “Baby (Jennifer Grey) is one listless summer away from the Peace Corps. Hoping to enjoy her youth while it lasts, she's disappointed when her summer plans deposit her at a sleepy resort in the Catskills with her parents. Her luck turns around, however, when the resort's dance instructor, Johnny (Patrick Swayze), enlists Baby as his new partner, and the two fall in love. Baby's father forbids her from seeing Johnny, but she's determined to help him perform the last big dance of the summer.”

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xo, Amanda  

My Mother’s Day Weekend


Good morning and happy Wednesday friends! Today I’m happy to be able to share a little glimpse into the fun filled history adventure of my Mother’s Day weekend with you. I finally finished editing all of the photos and got to relive the memories while doing so. I was fortunate enough to spend it in my favorite city filled with history, culture, and excitement. Ava’s always learning and soaking up information. I find it important to teach her as much history as I can about each place we visit. She loves it and can tell you quite a bit about American history! A current favorite of hers right now is Abraham Lincoln. She was completely taken by him and wanted to go talk to him, which we did multiple times at the memorial. One of my favorite pictures is actually her gazing upon Lincoln’s portrait at the National Portrait Gallery. She looks so small standing next to the painting and is in a state of awe. Coming from a history loving family like mine, it’s pretty amazing to see. I kept telling Ava all weekend how lucky I am to have her and thank you for making me your mommy. She gave me the most beautiful gift of all. Being her mommy.  


Xo, Amanda  

Weekend Update


Good morning friends and welcome to Wednesday! This post is all about our adventures celebrating May The Fourth Cinco De Derby weekend. Haha, it truly was an amazing time with many many memories that we’ll cherish forever.

To start with, Friday was Star Wars day, known as May The Fourth Be With You. Ava was thrilled! My brother and I took her to her first baseball game where they were celebrating Star Wars with characters walking around, sounds and video from the movies, boat loads of merchandise, and changing out the opponents team photos with Star Wars villains while our players photos had light sabers for bats. The weather was phenomenal too adding the overall greatness of the night. Even the Rail Riders mascot Champ came over and gave Ava and big high five! 

Next came my brother’s fiancé’s graduation from Penn State, my almamater! It was so special to be back and get to share this new chapter in her life with her family. Ava and I dressed up in our blue and white dresses to match the PSU colors. As soon as the lion saw her he came right over to snap a photo. We took some photos together after the ceremony, had lunch tnd then some ice cream before everyone needed a nap lol. Later on, we had a little Cinco De Mayo party followed by a bonfire at my brothers. We didn’t watch the Kentucky Derby, but we were keeping our ears open as to how the race went. So many celebrations in one day! 

Our last big event of the weekend was a trip furniture shopping with my brother and his fiancé. I also have to note the photo of Ava in her car seat, my brother took that! It turned out being one of my favorite photos from the weekend. He really knows how to make her smile. 


xo, Amanda  




Madison West Circle Bag (Blush Bags At (Compare To This High End Brand) || Love Notes Blouse (Similar At || Kate Spade Straw Hat || Dune London Leopard Bag (Leopard Bags At || Richard’s Jewelry Trays (Comes As A Set Of Three) (Similar At || 

Happy Friday, friends! One of my favorite places to find a good bargain is at TJMaxx. This post is NOT sponsored or anything, but rather just some great finds I found on a recent visit there. Note, everything in this post is from the actual brick and mortar store and not listed on their online website. It’s deifntely worth a trip to your local store to see if any of the items are available there! They always have hidden gems at amazing prices so be on the lookout. I actually used to work there back in college and would see first hand how new stock comes in everyday. One of my favorite finds was the blush circle bag by Madison West. It looks EXACTLY like the Mansur Gavriel Bag, but for only $30. The Kate Spade hat was another great find and it was on sale! Perfect for the upcoming spring and summer. I initially went in to find some jewelry cases since I’ve found some beautiful glass ones at TJMaxx and Marshall’s before. Upon seeing the triple trays from Richard’s, I decided to go with those instead and LOVE them. They look so chic and allow all of my jewelry to be seen. I hate when my jewelry is tucked away in boxes or drawers. You cannot see what you have then! How adorable is the blouse from Love Notes?! It has an eyelash, lip, and heart print on it. Plus the blue stripes are a classic print that will never go out of style. The leopard bag from Dune London looks way more expensive than it is with a top handle, gold detailing, and pops of red along the sides. 

I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday and weekend!  


xo, Amanda

Fly Eagles Fly


First off, THE PHILADELPHIA EAGLES ARE SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS!!! The biggest congratulations to them! This was the first Super Bowl win  for them and what a amazing game it was to watch. The commercials were, eh, not that great, but the game was incredible and truly a nail biter at the end. In all fairness, I love Tomy Brady and The Patriots, but I also support all of my family’s  teams, which include the Eagles. My dad and brother were so excited, but my dad especially so! He’s been a long time Eagles fan and I’m so happy he finally gets to see them win the big game and take home the Lombardy trophy. Philly must be going crazy right now. How about Nick Foles too. What a Cinderella story. He was the second string quarterback who then filled in for Wentz with his injury, to then taking the team to Super Bowl and then WINNING the Super Bowl against one of the best teams in football. That play Foles made where he received the touchdown was pretty amazing too. It was an exciting game to watch. On top of that, we got blanketed with a TON of snow on Sunday. Ava and I had some fun in the snow and she helped me brush off my car, but wow there was a lot. ‘Tis that time of the year. I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Cheers to the new week ahead. 

xo, Amanda  

Mommy & Me Valentine’s Day


Sequin Tulle Dress c/o || Ava’s Velvet Dress || Jackie Kennedy Pearl Earrings || Jackie Kennedy Cascade Ring || Stella & Dot Brier Ring || Stella & Dot Engraved Ring ||

Good morning and happy February 1st! It is officially the month of love and what better way to kick it off than with a little Galentine’s Day Party. Just the “gals” here hence, Galentine’s lol. Ava and I spent the better part of a day celebrating and having our yearly party. We started with putting on our makeup and then getting dressed up. Ava picked out her own accessories and was very excited the whole time. The anticipation of it all! This has always been my favorite post to do throughout the entire year and one I always look forward to. Then we set the table together and lastly baked the cookies. She helped spread the icing and sprinkle on the sprinkles, all while enjoying eating some in the process, haha. Ava kept saying it was a tea party and honestly, we’ve been having little tea parties every day since then. Every meal happens at the dining table so why not make it pretty and fun?! After taking some photos, we dug in to all of the goodies and had some girl chats talking about the things we love. The heart ballon has a nice little story behind it. We were out the day before picking up the roses for the party, when a worker at the store just fell in love with Ava. He ended up cutting this ballon down from one of the displays and giving it to her, which was incredibly sweet! Thank you! This was one of the best days I’ve had and couldn't have spent it with a better gal than my little Ava. Cheers to all of the loved ones in your life! <3

xo, Amanda  

Insta & Life Updates

 A preview of a resort/spring outfit from  Julie Brown NYC . I actually shot this dress yesterday and plan to have it on here shortly, but this was the sneak peak from last week! How cute are those ruffles?! &nbsp;&nbsp;

A preview of a resort/spring outfit from Julie Brown NYC. I actually shot this dress yesterday and plan to have it on here shortly, but this was the sneak peak from last week! How cute are those ruffles?!   

 A snapshot of Ava loving the “fuzzy”  chair  we have. &nbsp;

A snapshot of Ava loving the “fuzzy” chair we have.  

 My newest find is this  beet juice , which i have become addicted too. I’ve always been a bit of a health nut and try to get in my daily nutrients wherever I can. I get  this  from my local Weis Market and drink it every morning. I put the juice in a small glass so that each bottle usually lasts me about three days. The benefits of beet juice are amazing. Check them out  here . &nbsp;

My newest find is this beet juice, which i have become addicted too. I’ve always been a bit of a health nut and try to get in my daily nutrients wherever I can. I get this from my local Weis Market and drink it every morning. I put the juice in a small glass so that each bottle usually lasts me about three days. The benefits of beet juice are amazing. Check them out here.  


My other newest addiction is this Coconut Water. I also get it from my local Weis Market. It’s the best tasting one I’ve ever had. I have one per day usually with my lunch or dinner.  


Ava and her uncle Mike! He is a crane machine whiz and won her a bunch of stuffed animals after the celebratory dinner we had.  


A close up of the rings I usually wear. A new addition is this engraved ring, which I had Ava’s name put on.

Stella & Dot Brier Ring || Jackie Kennedy Cascade Ring || Stella & Dot Engraved Ring ||  


Ava out on the one uncharacteristically warm day we had this winter. One of my best friends got her this Peppa rain jacket for Christmas. She loves it! I can’t wait to break it back out in the spring time.


This honey pot is from Target and only $5! I saw it on a recent run there and could not pass it up. It’s perfect for my vintage tea cup collection.  


Ava being a cheesehead! Go Pack Go!! Right now we’re rooting for either the Eagles or the Patriots to win! 


Cheering on my Nitinay Lions!

Jeans || Red Hunter Boots ||  


Personal Highlights From 2017

The last day of 2017, I still cannot believe it! 2017 had quite a few beautiful memories for me that I wanted to highlight below. Thank you again to everyone for following along on this journey with me! I hope you enjoy and cheers to a happy and healthy 2018!!  


Mother’s Day. Ava and I dressed up in matching pink tulle outfits! This was so special and the day was beyond beautiful. Everyone was commenting on how cute we were dressed alike at the restaurant we went to. 


Ava becoming a little fashionista! This past year Ava has absolutely fallen in love with my dressing room and playing with all things girly!  


Easter weekend. Jesus has risen. The weather finally was turning a corner and a little bunny visited our home and left some treats!  


Spent my dad’s birthday down with the cherry blossoms. What a magical time of the year. 


Taking walks in the park and handing out flowers. This photo melts my heart. Ava lovesss flowers. She’ll go pick them and then hand them out or just continue to smell them haha. 


Trips to Knoebels. This year Ava actually rode some rides. A fun time for all! That smile.  


Spending my 29th birthday at the JFK 100 birthday celebration. This was a BIG one for me. JFK and I share the same birthday, which is beyond cool. Ava also has Obama’s birthday! The cake was sooooo good. 


Our annual trip to Cape Cod was a memorable one since it was Ava’s first visit!  


Getting to ride on Thomas the Tank. This was amazingly cool. Thomas looks absolutely real! I was blown away. We also got to visit with our family while we were there. They’re the best, I love you guys! 


The dedication of the JFK statue in Pittston, PA. My shirt was a hit!  


Our last year enjoying all the fun Belle brought to our lives.  


Ava’s first time to the Luzerne County Fair. She loved this tractor and was pretty good at working it too!  


My little shutter bug. She goes to grab my camera all the time now. Maybe she’ll love photography too someday.  


Halloween! Ava dressed up as Peppa Pig. All of the little kids loved her costume. I kept hearing, mommy mommy, there’s Peppa Pig!  


Ava and I on a photo shoot. This was one of my favorites with her. We dressed in matching colors and went to the park. We always have a blast on location! 


Watching the night sky and the space crafts that zoom up above. 


Valley Forge. My favorite spot in PA, especially in the fall. The word spectacular comes to mind when describing the foliage there.  


Matchy matchy. We’re a family that likes to match together haha.  


Christmas! Yay! The most wonderful time of the year. We packed so much into this Christmas season between decorating, singing carols, baking cookies, light rides, reading Christmas stories, watching Christmas movies, catching snow  flakes on our tongues, going to tree lightings, visiting with family and friends....the list goes on! My favorite part of Christmas is actually going to church on Christmas Eve and singing Silent Night by candle lite.  


xo, Amanda  

The Scent Of The Holiday Season // GIVEAWAY


Happy FRI-YAY everyone! Today is very exciting since I’m hosting a giveaway with Glossybox and Nest Fragrances for their 12 Days Of Giving. There is always a candle going in my home and let me tell you, I was blown away by how amazing these candles and reed diffusers are! I was never able to find a reed diffuser where I could actually smell the scent throughout my home, but these from Nest do the trick! Can we talk about how beautifully packaged the candles and diffusers are too?! Everything is so festive. The scents included are Holiday, Birchwood Pine, and Sugar Cookie. Ten lucky winners will each receive a set like the one I have above. Three candles and three reed diffusers. Now, onto the giveaway! 

Simply follow the link HERE to enter the giveaway. Good luck to everyone! Have a happy weekend! 


xo, Amanda 

Our Christmas Song List


My Christmas PJ’s (Old) || Ava’s Rudolph PJ’s || Classic Vintage Style Turntable || 

Good morning and happy Thursday, friends! This was such a fun post to put together. Christmas songs are one of the most magical and fun parts of the Christmas season. You only get to listen to them for a short while, though I know some people who listen to them throughout the year, haha. Ava and I listen to them everyday whether we’re at home or in the car, Christmas music is always playing. I created a list that are some of our most favorite Christmas songs. The list would be a mile long if I included all of them! There are the stand by classics, some newer editions, and maybe even some you may not have heard before. We all know Jingle Bells, but have you heard Sinatra’s version? It’s so much fun and the best there is! If you need some Christmas cheer, look no further than We Need A Little Christmas sung by Angela Landsbury, an instant mood lifter! I hope everyone enjoys.

  • Jingle Bells- Frank Sinatra
  • White Christmas- Bing Crosby
  • Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer- Burl Ives
  • Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow- Dean Martin
  • Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays- *NSYNC
  • The Christmas Song- Nat King Cole 
  • All I Want For Christmas Is You- Mariah Carey
  • The Christmas Waltz- Frank Sinatra
  • Carol Of The Bells-Trans-Siberian Orchestra
  • We Need A Little Christmas- Angela Landsbury  
  • Winter Wonderland- Johnny Mathis
  • It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas- Michael Buble
  • Baby It’s Cold Outside- Dean Martin
  • Rockin Around The Christmas Tree- Brenda Lee
  • The First Noel- Frank Sinatra
  • The Little Drummer Boy/ Peace On Earth- Bing Crosby and David Bowie
  • The Littlest Angel- Bing Crosby
  • Santa Claus Is Coming To Town-  Michael Buble
  • The 12 Pains Of Christmas- Bob Rivers
  • Cool Yule- Louis Armstrong
  • A Marshmallow World- Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin
  • Frosty The Snowman- Jimmy Durante  

Jingle Bells- Frank Sinatra  

White Christmas- Bing Crosby

Also including this duet of White Christmas  with Michael Bublé and Bing Crosby- The technology is amazing! 

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer- Burl Ives

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow- Dean Martin  

Marry Christmas, Happy Holidays- *NSYNC

The Christmas Song- Nat King Cole

All I Want For Christmas Is You- Mariah Carey

The Christmas Waltz- Frank Sinatra  

Carol Of The Bells- Trans-Siberian Orchestra  

We Need A Little Christmas- Angela Landsbury

Winter Wonderland- Johnny Mathis

It’s Beginning To Look A lot Like Christmas- Michael Bublé  

Baby It’s Cold Outside- Dean Martin

Rockin Around The Christmas Tree- Brenda Lee

The First Noel- Frank Sinatra

The Little Drummer Boy/ Peace On Earth- Bing Crosby And David Bowie

The Littlest Angel- Bing Crosby 

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town- Michael Bublé  

12 Pains Of Christmas- Bob Rivers  

Cool Yule- Louis Armstrong

A Marshmallow World- Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin  

Frosty The Snowman- Jimmy Durante

My Old Friend, Goodbye


This past Sunday our family dog Belle passed away after a battle with kidney failure. She was 13 1/2 years old and did live a wonderful life. I am so thankful for her being in our lives and bringing love, fun, adventure, and laughter to it. She was an English Springer Spaniel. She helped me get through some hard times in recent years with the passing of many loved ones. She was always my walking or hiking buddy and loved to run free in the fields or state game lands. Her spirit, even as she was declining, could not be beat. That tail of hers never stopped wagging whenever she saw a friendly face. She was a strong girl and reminded me so much of my mother who fought with a loving spirit until the end. Belle passed away at home in my dad’s arms. Pets really do become family members and she was an intrical part of ours. Everyone who met her loved her. I feel very fortunate that Ava got to know her too. It’s been hard these past couple of weeks and especially hard these past few days after she passed. Ava saw me crying and kept hugging me with such a concerned look on her face. It was a sweet moment and one I will never forget. I am blessed to have strong girls in my family. Thank you Belle for being the best friend and companion we could have ever asked for. I will miss you forever. 

xo, Amanda  


My old friend, this song's for you
'Cause a few simple verses was the least that I could do
To tell the world that you were here
'Cause the love and the laughter
Will live on long after
All of the sadness and the tears
We'll meet again
My old friend...goodbye

Magenta Matters

Magenta Matters. Tote Savvy. Pink Bag. Diaper Bag.
Magenta Matters. Tote Savvy. Pink Bag. Diaper Bag.
Magenta Matters. Tote Savvy. Pink Bag. Diaper Bag.
Magenta Matters. Tote Savvy. Pink Bag. Diaper Bag.
Magenta Matters. Tote Savvy. Pink Bag. Diaper Bag.
Magenta Matters. Tote Savvy. Pink Bag. Diaper Bag.

Good morning, friends and happy Monday! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I was able to get a good amount of work done and even go see some new movies that are out. Blade Runner 2049 and Dr. Marston and the Wonder Woman. Both were really good! I'd recommend them depending on what you want to see, either a historical movie with a comic book twist or a sci-fi action flick. Does anyone happen to watch the channel MeTV? They were showing one of my favorite movies ever, The Ghost and Mr. Chicken with Don Knotts (aka Barney Fife.) I was so excited to see it on! It's the small things in life =).

Today I wanted to talk about ToteSavvy and their cause to raise money for Metastatic Breast Cancer research. 30% of all Americans diagnosed with Breast Cancer will eventually progress to Stage IV. 41,000 men and women die each year from MBC, that's 113 people everyday. 100% of net proceeds from your Magenta Love purchase will be donated to METAvivor research and support. METAvivor is the only organization in the US to specifically fund Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer research. ToteSavvy allows you to convert your favorite tote into a diaper dag. Talk about stylish and functional! They're an amazingly great organizational tool to have too. I've had mine since Ava was only a few months old. The Magenta Love ToteSavvy is a special limited edition which also includes a keepsake Kendra Beshk tassel keychain stamped with the words, "make today count."

xo, Amanda

Fab Fit Fun Spring 2017

Fab Fit Fun Spring 2017- Enchanting Elegance
Fab Fit Fun Spring 2017- Enchanting Elegance
Fab Fit Fun Spring 2017- Enchanting Elegance
Fab Fit Fun Spring 2017- Enchanting Elegance
Fab Fit Fun Spring 2017- Enchanting Elegance
Fab Fit Fun Spring 2017- Enchanting Elegance
Fab Fit Fun Spring 2017- Enchanting Elegance

It's that time of the year again for another Fab Fit Fun box. I've mentioned this many times before, but this is without a doubt my favorite lifestyle subscription box. One year ago I started receiving them and haven't looked back since then. I'm always impressed each time I receive a box and think they keep getting better and better each time. Each season you get a new box filled with goodies perfect for that time of the year. This one is chalk full of springtime favorites! Here's what is included:

  • Gyypsy Roundie: These blankets are fantastic if you're headed to a picnic, going to the beach, or even a concert. They would even make for some cool wall art of a nice photo backdrop! Mine is the blue tie-dye.
  • Milly Zip Pouch (Mine says Beach Please): These zip pouches are super cute, especially if you need something to carry your wet bathing suit in or to keep your valuables safe in this water resistant bag. You can even use it to stash your beauty products in.
  • Briogeo Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave-In Conditioner: I used this the night before I took these photos. I loved that it is a light weight formula fortified with a unique blend of rosehip, argan, and coconut oils to help improve hair's softness, strength, and moisture levels. This even acts as a barrier against heat. I used mine as soon as I got out of the shower, focusing on the middle to ends of my hair. 
  • Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Age Defying Exfoliator: I also used this the night before and loved the creamy texture and how soft my skin felt afterwards! The formula contains aluminum oxide crystals, lactic acid, and smoothing botanicals to polish away dead skin cells and leave you with bright, smooth, healthy-looking skin.
  • Karuna Hydrating + Face Mask: I'm pretty excited to try this out. These deep-conditioning single use face masks contain 100% natural wood-pulp fiber, allowing pores to fully adsorb essential nutrients and nourishing ingredients for ultimate hydration.
  • Realher Lip Kit in Deep Red, Deep Nude, Or Neutral Pink: This liquid lipstick, plumping lip gloss, and lip liner are made from natural ingredients making for quite a pretty trio. A little tip is to draw an X with your liner where your lips meet your cupid's bow to define and contour your pout.
  • Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish Set in Blue Orchid/ Like A Virgin, Shape of My Heart/ Like A Virgin: Talk about springtime in a bottle! I got the blue orchid, which is such a lovely soft shade of baby blue.
  • Either a Emerald DUV Cage Bracelet or Luv AJ Diamond Kite Ear Crawler Set: My box contained the cage bracelt which is inspired by the vibrant and destinctive nature of the West Coast. Add this piece for some effortless flair to your timeless look.

You can use the code ENCHANTING for $10 off your first box at


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FabFitFun Winter 2016

Fab Fit Fun Winter 2016- Enchanting Elegance
Fab Fit Fun Winter 2016- Enchanting Elegance
Fab Fit Fun Winter 2016- Enchanting Elegance
Fab Fit Fun Winter 2016- Enchanting Elegance
Fab Fit Fun Winter 2016- Enchanting Elegance
Fab Fit Fun Winter 2016- Enchanting Elegance
Fab Fit Fun Winter 2016- Enchanting Elegance
Fab Fit Fun Winter 2016- Enchanting Elegance
Fab Fit Fun Winter 2016- Enchanting Elegance
Fab Fit Fun Winter 2016- Enchanting Elegance

One of my favorite things to get in the mail are my FabFitFun boxes. Getting one of their boxes is like Christmas coming early! They're the best lifestyle subscription box out there. I say lifestyle since their boxes include a variety of beauty, home (decorating, garden, stationary,) exercise, and fashion. Each box keeps getting better and better too! If you're new to FabFitFun, you get full size premium products four times a year. Each box costs $50, but has a value of over $200 and shipping is always free. To get $10 off of your first box, use the code ENCHANTING. Without further ado, here are the products included in the box with some of my personal reviews:

  1. D.L. & CO Candle: The scent I received is Bergamot Woods, but you can also get Blackberry Nectar in a gold holder. These scents will bring winter into your home in the warmest of ways. I'm a huge candle fan and always end up buying a ton of them. This one smells so good! I love the chic holder this candle comes in. It'll make a nice decoration piece once the wax burns out. A little tip my mom taught me if you still have some leftover wax is to freeze it. Then the wax will pop right out! 
  2. Gorjana Necklace: You can receive either the taner toggle lariat in gold (what I have) or the kiernan double pendant necklace in silver. Both necklaces are so versatile and will pair perfectly with your everyday favorites. You can also turn my necklace into a choker. The little circle moves up and down. Pretty neat!
  3. Marie Mae Company Thank You Card Set: There is nothing like opening your mail box to find a beautiful hand written card. While technology is great, there is something very special about someone taking the time to write out a little note or a thank you card. I always send thank you cards out after going to a house party or receiving a gift. I'm old fashioned like that! This thank you card set is what my stationary dreams were made of. The words "cheers" is written in gold foil, which I'm a complete sucker for!
  4. Moleskin 2017 Weekly Planner: As a busy mom, I love having something to jot down my to-do list and appointments or meetings. Staying on schedule is crucial and what better way to do it than with this new sidekick. A weekly planner can help keep you on track and I don't know about you, but I love being able to cross off items from my to-do list. There's something so satisfying about it!
  5. Butter London Iconiclast Mega Volume Lacquer Mascara: If you've ever tried Butter London's nail polish, than you know what good quality this company can produce. This mascara voluminizes, separates, defines, and lifts your lashes to epic heights. I'm wearing the mascara in these photos. As always, wiggle the wand at the base of your lashes to create extra volume. The wand has a little ball on the end, which makes getting into the corners super easy!
  6. O.R.G. Skincare Mineral Peel Face: Brighter, smoother, softer skin? Sign me up! Simply spray this on, wait 3 seconds, and then start to massage the natural enzyme exfoliant for about 1 minute and then wash it off with some warm water or use a wash cloth. This definitely felt refreshing and I really liked how the defoliators weren't hard or scratchy.  
  7. Anderson Lilley Beach Butter Body Cream: Oh this smells soooo yummy!!! My fragrance is Manhattan Beach, but you can also receive Sicilian Tangerine. This rich, hydrating body cream can be applied to your hands, feet, elbows, or any other part of your body that is prone to dry skin. I use mine after I get out of the shower. Make sure to use your body cream within 3 minutes after getting out of a bath or shower to lock in the moisture. I remember reading that after 3 minutes you start to loose the moisture in your skin.

The star pin I'm wearing is for the Star Light Children's Foundation. FabFitFun partnered up with them to bring awareness to their incredible cause and I hope to spread their message through my social media channels. This was my post for instagram:

✨My holiday wish this season is for all children to have happiness and love in their lives ✨ The Starlight Children's Foundation's mission is to brighten the lives of seriously ill children. Just because you're sick doesn't mean you stop being a child, and it shouldn't mean missing out on all of the fun of childhood. I'm wearing this star ⭐️ pin to share Starlight's amazing cause.

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xo, Amanda

Stripes // Joggers

Stripe // Joggers- Encahnting Elegance
Stripe // Joggers- Encahnting Elegance
Stripe // Joggers- Encahnting Elegance
Stripe // Joggers- Encahnting Elegance
Stripe // Joggers- Encahnting Elegance
Stripe // Joggers- Encahnting Elegance
Stripe // Joggers- Encahnting Elegance

This jogger and hoodie set is so extremely comfortable to wear. I love the subtle pinstripes and gray coloring which makes both pieces easy to mix and match with other items in my wardrobe. One of my favorite parts about the joggers, apart from feeling like cozy pjs, is the fitted cuff giving them an updated and urban feel. The hoodie has "do it with love" written on it, very cute and I could not agree more! I'm wearing an XS in both pieces for reference. Both pieces are from Avocado, a new lifestyle and fitness brand based out of California. Their goal is to inspire a healthy, active lifestyle while creating activewear of the highest quality and durability. 

We've been having some gorgeous weather lately! Indian summer is definitely here and I've been loving every single second of it haha. Honestly, the warm weather feels so good once you've had some rather cold days. I'm really going to miss it once Fall comes back around.


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ToteSavvy Mini

ToteSavvy Mini- Enchanting Elegance
ToteSavvy Mini- Enchanting Elegance
ToteSavvy Mini- Enchanting Elegance
ToteSavvy Mini- Enchanting Elegance
ToteSavvy Mini- Enchanting Elegance

Hey all, happy Friday! I'm sure any mom out there knows the struggle with carrying a diaper bag, your every day bag, and any other bag (camera, groceries, shopping, etc.) Sometimes I swear I feel like the bag lady! Enter Totesavvy, a chic a modern way to combine your diaper and tote bag into one. The one I have here is the mini size, but there is also a full size version here. What I like about the mini is that I can bring all of the essentials for Ava (diapers, wipes, bottles, desitin, and snack pouch) and still have some room for my personal essentials (lipstick, cell phone, wallet, and camera.) My keys can attach to the side of the Totesavvy and there is even a center compartment for a magazine or book. This is an essential organizer for anyone with kids!

Use the code ENCHANTINGELEGANCE for 20% off of your ToteSavvy order!


xo, Amanda

Fab Fit Fun for Fall

Fab Fit Fun for Fall- Enchanting Elegance
Fab Fit Fun for Fall- Enchanting Elegance
Fab Fit Fun for Fall- Enchanting Elegance
Fab Fit Fun for Fall- Enchanting Elegance
Fab Fit Fun for Fall- Enchanting Elegance
Fab Fit Fun for Fall- Enchanting Elegance
Fab Fit Fun for Fall- Enchanting Elegance
Fab Fit Fun for Fall- Enchanting Elegance
Fab Fit Fun for Fall- Enchanting Elegance

It's that time again! The FabFitFun fall edition is here and I could not be more obsessed with it. This may be my favorite box yet. Literally everything in it is so good and puts a smile on my face. The theme is cozy, comfy faves with brands that have female founders. #Girlpower! As a little refresher, you get full sized premium products delivered four times a year for only $50 per box and shipping is free. I adore that the products are full sized too. Usually with subscription boxes you only get sample sizes. Not so here! The quality of the products are always superb too. It feels like Christmas every time I receive one of these boxes! Here's a list of everything included in the fall edition box:

  1. FabFitFun Coloring Book and Pencils (can reduce stress and anxiety, always wanted to try!)
  2. Modcloth Loch and Key Scarf (cozy plaid blanket scarf, perfect for fall!)
  3. The Created Co. To-Go Coffee Mug (too cute with gold writing!)
  4. Mullein & Sparrow Mini French Kavender Body Oil (smells soooo good! pour some in a bath for some aromatherapy benefits)
  5. The Browgal Clear, Water-Resistant Eyebrow Gel (works like a charm)
  6. Spongele Bulgarian Rose Body Wash Infused Buffer (exfoliate and wash at the same time, plus it smells amazing <3 Cam use as a shower sponge once the soap is gone)
  7. Pure Cosmetics Nude Collection Eyeshadow Palette (absolutely stunning colors! great for a wearable smoky eye for day or night)
  8. Toesox Toeless Fitness Socks (keeps from sliding during exercise)
  9. Skin Laundry Restoring Night Serum (amazing product. put on before bed and wake up looking refreshed. contains antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, and natural extracts.)
  10. Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Cleaning Cloths (must have for a girl on the go!)
  11. Secret Outlast Xtend Clear Gel (No white marks and 48 hour protection)

Use the promo code ENCHANTING for $10 off of your first box at

xo, Amanda

Osea Skin Care

Osea Skin Care- Enchanting Elegance
Osea Skin Care- Enchanting Elegance
Osea Skin Care- Enchanting Elegance
Osea Skin Care- Enchanting Elegance
Osea Skin Care- Enchanting Elegance
Osea Skin Care- Enchanting Elegance
Osea Skin Care- Enchanting Elegance
Osea Skin Care- Enchanting Elegance
Osea Skin Care- Enchanting Elegance
Osea Skin Care- Enchanting Elegance

Skincare all Osea c/o: Ocean Cleansing Mudd || Essential Corrective Complex || Blemish Balm (moisturizer) || Ocean Cleansing Milk (can be used to dilute the mudd if its too strong)

Outfit: Plaid Button Down || AG Skinny Jeans || Daniel Wellington Watch c/o || Humble Chic Rose Gold Ear Crawlers c/o || Jackie Kennedy Unity Band || Jackie Kennedy Emerald Unity Band ||

One thing I'm very passionate about is skincare, especially since I've struggled with it since my early teens. I have very acne prone skin that I've concluded is due to hormones, aka that time of the month. Since I cannot control that, I focus on what I eat and put on my skin. Now, when I started using Osea, fabulous product by the way, I had a minimal breakout. I took some photos each week as soon as I woke up in the morning. The weekly photos above are from my iphone, completely untouched, and I'm not wearing any makeup. I've had far worse breakouts before, to the point where you could barely see any skin so please do not think I'm complaining about how my skin looked in the before weekly photos. I've had three horrible breakout points in my life and I'm talking about the times where acne dominated my face and you could barely see skin. That's how bad it was. Two times were when I stopped using Proactiv and the last when I was in my first trimester of pregnancy. I'm always trying to find that perfect product so I'm constantly on the look out for new skin care items.

I first heard of Osea when I received my Fab Fit Fun summer box. The Atmospheric Protection Cream was included and I could not get enough of it. I actually would mix it with my foundation to create a beauty balm and add extra moisturizer into my routine. Once I saw they had other products specifically for acne/oily skin, I knew I had to try them, plus the line is made with natural ingredients.

I started using the Cleansing Mudd in the morning and night to remove my makeup and sweep away any excess oil. I would warn to be careful around the eyes since this does have a tingly feeling from the tea tree and peppermint oils. The tingly feeling is what I loved most about the cleanser! My skin felt so clean and did not feel tight, which I often find is a problem with cleansers. It does not lather up, but rather stays more liquid. The Cleansing Milk was included to dilute the Mudd in case I felt it was too strong, however I did not find a need to use it. How it works from the Osea website, "Macrocystis, Laminaria and Fucus are mineral-rich seaweeds with trace elements that smooth and hydrate the skin. Natural fruit acids exfoliate and deliver nutrition to the pores, improving skin tone and brightness. Anti-bacterial Tea Tree Oil deeply purifies, promotes a healthy pH balance, prevents blemishes, and enhances skin's appearance."

I then used the Essential Corrective Complex after the Mudd Cleanser. This is a small glass container with a roller ball. I do wish this came in a bigger size since I used it all over my face instead of as a spot treatment. For me, I need to prevent breakouts from happening instead of treating when they do come out. This oil feels so good going on and again, does not dry out my skin at all. I love this stuff! As you can see from the photos, I used a pretty good amount of it in one month. This really helped clear out the acne that I had. From the Osea website, "A pure blend of botanical and essential oils, this non-drying acne treatment rapidly heals blemishes, regulates and calms sebaceous glands and prevents scarring. Contains Tea Tree, White Thyme and Juniper which all have powerful natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties."

Finally, I finished up my routine with the Blemish Balm, a moisturizer that has, "A proprietary base of three seaweeds combined with a unique blend of Cypress, Juniper, and Rosemary essential oils detoxifies, reduces inflammation, regulates sebum production, heals and tones." This is very light weight and absorbs instantly into the skin. This is a great option for the types of skin that cannot handle a heavier cream moisturizer.

My final verdict after using these products for one month is that they DO work. I did have another breakout at the end of the month, but it was smaller and did not last as long as they typically do. Hey, I'll take a less severe breakout any day of they week!

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xo, Amanda

Blossomsib: The Concentration of Youth

Blossomsib: The Concentration of Youth- Enchanting Elegance
Blossomsib: The Concentration of Youth- Enchanting Elegance
Blossomsib: The Concentration of Youth- Enchanting Elegance
Blossomsib: The Concentration of Youth- Enchanting Elegance

Being healthy is something that is always at the forefront of my mind. I try to be mindful of what I eat, how much sleep I get, and how much I'm exercising. I recently found BlossimSib and decided to test it out. Being a busy mom on the go, I knew this concentration would have its work cut out for it! I've also been on a few different trips lately, which can put stress on the body, and was glad to know BlossomSib was cleaning my body from the inside out. The concentration strives to clean toxins out of every cell in the body and act as a natural protection from future toxins in the environment. Once completing the concentration, you should feel healthier, younger, and more beautiful while hopefully living a longer life.

The basics of taking the BlossomSib is to fill the piquette half way with the concentration and then pour it into half a glass of water twice daily 30 mins before a meal. This goes on for 12 days with a 3 day break, and then continues on for another 12 days. I've been taking mine for about 2 1/2 weeks now and have a deeper sleep with improved skin. I only have one hormonal pimple right now, while usually I'll have a few more. As being someone who has dealt with acne since middle school, that to me is reason enough to use BlossomSib. I'm also hoping to see an increase in energy. I would say I do have some, but its hard to tell since I've been drinking green tea steadily throughout the day as well. I'll definitely keep everyone updated on my final results once I complete the course!

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