Travel Log

Washington D.C.

What an absolutely fabulous time Justin and I had in Washington D.C. over the Labor Day weekend. My relatives own a condo in the newly built City Center complex, which they were gracious enough to let us use for our trip. My main goal for this D.C. adventure was to explore Georgetown and see the various places where J.F.K. had lived, went to church, and grabbed a bite to eat. The weather was spectacular, only adding to the excitement of being in the city. Below are some photos documenting the trip.

  • The first one shows the view of the city center complex from the roof top
  • Next Justin and I relaxing on the balcony listening to the city below us.
  • Now in Georgetown, the first JFK house we saw was 3260 N Street, the yellow home, where JFK rented and ran for Senate, also meeting Jackie while living here.
  • The most famous of all the JFK Georgetown houses, 3307 N Street, the red brick with green shutters, where Jackie and he lived from 1957-61, most importantly during the 1960 presidential election.
  • Holy Trinity Church where the Kennedy's often worshiped throughout their stay in Georgetown
  • The inside of Martin's Tavern. The rumble booth where JFK would sit every Sunday morning for his brunch while reading the newspaper. The next photos show the proposal booth where supposedly Jack proposed to Jackie, though reports differ on that story. Perhaps he presented the ring to her here.
  • The yellow house with the blue shutters, 3271 P Street, where wedding plans were made after John proposed to Jackie.
  • The grey house with the black door, 2808 P Street, where JFK developed his presidential campaign after releasing his book Profiles in Courage.
  • Next are some various rooftop photos at sunset at City Center.
  • The following day on Saturday, Justin and I met up with our good friends Mike and Joe, and explored parts of the city. We went to Ford's Theater, where I had always wanted to visit, and saw some historical scenes of where Lincoln was assassinated. The bed photo, located across the street in the Peterson house, is where Lincoln actually died.
  • We saw this breathtaking church, St. Patrick's Parish, on our walk around town.
  • Our new leader, Mr. Justin.
  • After bidding Mike and Joe goodbye, we met up with Justin's aunt Mona in DuPont Circle. Here are rooftop photos from her condo. Visible are parts of DuPont Circle, D.C., and Virginia.
  • Enjoying a glass of wine on the balcony on our last night in the city.
  • Finally, on our last day before heading to my relatives for lunch, Justin and I took a moment to have a photo of us together.