Feeling Fancy Friday


Tweed Dress c/o || Vintage Hat || Similar Bow Pumps || Similar Bag || Jackie Kennedy Pearl Earrings || Pink & Blue Co. Bracelet c/o ||

Good morning and happy Friday, everyone!  I always feel at my very best when I’m dressed in a ladylike ensemble. Anything that reminds me of the time period between 1940-1960 thrills me to no end. This tweed dress from Chicwish,  adorned with pearl buttons and trimmed with fringe, has a classic elegant aura about it that works seamlessly for events ranging from business chic to dining out with friends. The perfect topper to complete the look is a vintage hat that Ava fell in love with during the shoot. She ended up wearing it for the majority of the time. She does look pretty chic in it if I do say so myself!

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xo, Amanda  

Country Weekend


Woolrich Shirt Jac || AG Skinny Jeans|| Woolrich Rose Turtleneck || Tory Burch Riding Boots || Similar Kate Spade Bag || Similar Leopard Belt ||

Good morning, friends! One of my most trusted brands that I wear in the cooler months is Woolrich. It’s a company that originated in my home state of Pennsylvania and one that is synanomous with autumn and winter. A few years ago my dad and I started what is now a yearly tradition of traveling down to Woolrich, PA to visit their store and pick up some new pieces, usually outerwear, for the upcoming fall season. This year was a true treasure find with this shirt jac in rich beautiful vibrant colors. For those not familiar with a shirt jac, it’s a heavier shirt style meant to be worn as a layering piece. It’s perfect for those crisp mornings and nights. It’s not as heavy as a typical jacket and should have a shirt underneath. Typically, a shirt jac is left unbuttoned. It’s been a fan favorite for generations now. My dad loves to tell me about his favorite shirt jac when he was a kid and also how my grandfather had the full traditional hunting outfit in the famous red and black buffalo check pattern. I  paired mine with a dusty rose Turtleneck (my favorite layering price!) and some riding boots for the ultimate casual country weekend outfit.

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xo, Amanda  

Tweed & Velvet With A Dash Of Sparkle

Tweed & Velvet With A Dash Of Sparkle- Enchanting Elegance
Tweed & Velvet With A Dash Of Sparkle- Enchanting Elegance
Tweed & Velvet With A Dash Of Sparkle- Enchanting Elegance
Tweed & Velvet With A Dash Of Sparkle- Enchanting Elegance
Tweed & Velvet With A Dash Of Sparkle- Enchanting Elegance
Tweed & Velvet With A Dash Of Sparkle- Enchanting Elegance
Tweed & Velvet With A Dash Of Sparkle- Enchanting Elegance
Tweed & Velvet With A Dash Of Sparkle- Enchanting Elegance
Tweed & Velvet With A Dash Of Sparkle- Enchanting Elegance
Tweed & Velvet With A Dash Of Sparkle- Enchanting Elegance
Tweed & Velvet With A Dash Of Sparkle- Enchanting Elegance
Tweed & Velvet With A Dash Of Sparkle- Enchanting Elegance
Tweed & Velvet With A Dash Of Sparkle- Enchanting Elegance
Tweed & Velvet With A Dash Of Sparkle- Enchanting Elegance
Tweed & Velvet With A Dash Of Sparkle- Enchanting Elegance
Tweed & Velvet With A Dash Of Sparkle- Enchanting Elegance
Tweed & Velvet With A Dash Of Sparkle- Enchanting Elegance
Tweed & Velvet With A Dash Of Sparkle- Enchanting Elegance
Tweed & Velvet With A Dash Of Sparkle- Enchanting Elegance
Tweed & Velvet With A Dash Of Sparkle- Enchanting Elegance
Tweed & Velvet With A Dash Of Sparkle- Enchanting Elegance
Tweed & Velvet With A Dash Of Sparkle- Enchanting Elegance
Tweed & Velvet With A Dash Of Sparkle- Enchanting Elegance
Tweed & Velvet With A Dash Of Sparkle- Enchanting Elegance
Tweed & Velvet With A Dash Of Sparkle- Enchanting Elegance
Beginning Of Fall- Enchanting Elegance

Julie Brown NYC Tweed Top c/o || LC Lauren Conrad Velvet Skirt || Glitter Heels || LC Lauren Conrad Burgundy Bag || Ann Taylor Jacket (Old, Similar) || Jackie Kennedy Pearl Earrings || Jackie Kennedy Egg Bracelet || Pink & Blue Co. Bracelet c/o ||

Good morning and happy Thursday, friends! Ava and I enjoy taking walks to see the leaves starting to pop with their brilliant colors and decided to do one after having just gotten out of church this past Sunday. The weather was still warm and there was the peaceful calmness in the air that only a Sunday afternoon can bring. The sun peeked through every now and then with a nice golden glow giving the leaves a more vibrant image.

This outfit combines two of my favorite fall fabrics, tweed and velvet. The tweed top from Julie Brown NYC has the prettiest specks of blush, light blue, and shimmering gold threads in it. The ruffles add a feminine touch. It’s also a nice heavy fabric with excellent quality. When I first put this look together I thought how lovely it would be for a holiday gathering, Thanksgiving or even Christmas. During the fall months it would make a fantastic date night outfit too! To add an extra dose of something special, I wore these glitter pumps. My kind of ruby slippers, light pink style. They’re even more stunning in person and fit true to size.

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xo, Amanda

Pearls Are Always A Good Idea

Pearls Are Always A Good Idea- Enchanting Elegance
Pearls Are Always A Good Idea- Enchanting Elegance
Pearls Are Always A Good Idea- Enchanting Elegance
Pearls Are Always A Good Idea- Enchanting Elegance
Pearls Are Always A Good Idea- Enchanting Elegance
Pearls Are Always A Good Idea- Enchanting Elegance
Pearls Are Always A Good Idea- Enchanting Elegance
Pearls Are Always A Good Idea- Enchanting Elegance
Pearls Are Always A Good Idea- Enchanting Elegance
Pearls Are Always A Good Idea- Enchanting Elegance
Pearls Are Always A Good Idea- Enchanting Elegance
Pearls Are Always A Good Idea- Enchanting Elegance

Striped Pearl Neck Sweater c/o || Pearl Circle Skirt c/o || Red Bow Flats || Pearl Clutch || Jackie Kennedy Pearl Earrings || Red Lipstick || Pink & Blue Co. Bracelet c/o || Black Bow Hair Tie ||

Happy Wednesday, everyone! If there is one combination that will forever remind me of Parisian chic women, it’s a striped sweater, black skirt (or pants!) with a red lip and strand of pearls. This particular outfit also has an Audrey Hepburn feel to it. The obvious stand out detail of this look is the abundance of pearls adorning not one item, but four in total! The phrase more is more certainly applies here. Each piece works together, without being over the top, to bring an elegant feel and nod to the 1950s.

Jackie Kennedy famously said, “pearls are always appropriate,” and I quite agree. A black circle skirt and striped sweater are classic pieces that can be worn effortlessly and with a variety of outfits. They are staples in any woman’s closet blending in seamlessly throughout the decades. Adding pearls to each item, in a tasteful manner, elevates and makes them stand out from the crowd. I love how the sweater from Chicwish has three strands of pearls along the neckline almost as if it were a necklace. The quality of the sweater is top notch with a heavy fabric and true sizing. The circle skirt has the pearls only in the front and sparingly so, which I appreciate. The sizing for the skirt also runs true to size. The blush clutch, which I got on sale, is the prettiest shade of blush and has gorgeous big pearls dotted along the front flap. It also comes in black.

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xo, Amanda

What I Wear At Home

Cozy Lounge Wear At Home- Enchanting Elegance
Cozy Lounge Wear At Home- Enchanting Elegance
Cozy Lounge Wear At Home- Enchanting Elegance
Cozy Lounge Wear At Home- Enchanting Elegance
Cozy Lounge Wear At Home- Enchanting Elegance
Cozy Lounge Wear At Home- Enchanting Elegance
Cozy Lounge Wear At Home- Enchanting Elegance
Cozy Lounge Wear At Home- Enchanting Elegance
Cozy Lounge Wear At Home- Enchanting Elegance
Cozy Lounge Wear At Home- Enchanting Elegance

Blush Drawstring Top || Blush Joggers || Gray Joggers || Pink Fuzzy Bow Slippers || Sweater Knit Socks || Moon And Star Rose Gold Ring || Blush Jewelry Box || Blue Pajama Set ||

Good morning, friends! One of my absolute favorite things to do is to slip into some cozy lounge wear at the end of a long day. Its the beginning of my routine to help me unwind, relax, and get settled in for the night ahead. While I love to get dressed up when heading out, I equally love to get comfortable when I’m at home. Being comfortable does not mean having to forsake being put together! Lounge wear has come a long way in recent years, even being an ensemble itself. Joggers are pretty popular to be seen out and about now. I try to keep mine for when I’m around the house doing some chores or relaxing with a good book. Speaking of, the book I’m reading above, my current read, is The Fabulous Bouvier Sisters. I am so engrossed in this book! I take it everywhere with me just so I can catch a page here or there. You can almost always find me with a cup of hot tea and a good book in my hand.

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Cozy Lounge Wear At Home- Enchanting Elegance
Cozy Lounge Wear At Home- Enchanting Elegance
Cozy Lounge Wear At Home- Enchanting Elegance

Fuzzy Pink Bow Slippers || Sweater Knit Socks ||

These slippers are the perfect addition to any pajama or lounge wear items you may have. I love wearing the socks with a cozy nightgown or shorts set. Did you catch the adorable little bows on the back of the plush pink slippers?!? Not only do they feel like you’re walking on air, but they’re just as pretty with little details like this.

Cozy Slippers:

Below you’ll find some other lounge wear and pajama favorites of mine. You’ll find everything from cute prints, classic sets, beautiful colors, and of course the number one objective…being cozy and chic!

Lounge Wear Favorites:

xo, Amanda

The Classic Fall Fabric That Never Goes Out Of Style


Sail To Sable Tweed Dress c/o || Similar Kate Spade Bag || Karen Walker Sunglasses || Pink & Blue Co. Bracelet c/o || Cognac Heels || Engraved Ring ||

Good morning and happy Friday, friends! If there is one fall fabric that has never gone out of style and I dare say would be considered a “trend” every year, it’s tweed. Visions of an elegantly dressed Coco Chanel always come to mind when thinking of this staple item. I always get a bit nostalgic when gazing upon tweed items. Be it a tweed dress, skirt, blazer, bag, or shoe, the fabric, much like the season it represents, seems to bring me a sense of wistful romantic notions and a longing for the good ol’ days. Each tweed piece has a timeless feeling about it just like this dress from Sail To Sable, a brand that evokes a sense of classic whimsy with a nod to New England style. This particular dress has cap sleeves (a favorite of mine!) with a custom designed plaid pattern in bold blue and green. The fringe right above the hemline adds a fun detail to the whole look!

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xo, Amanda  

Colors Of The Rainbow


Rainbow Sweater || Skirt || Blush Bow Flats || Pink Vanity Bag || Rainbow Earrings || 

Happy Thursday, everyone! We’ve had quite a few dreary days lately in my neck of the woods, which always calls for an extra helping of cheeriness courtesy of these rainbow brights. When the gloomy days get to be a bit much, I like to add in some brightness via my wardrobe. It’s amazing how these happy colors can change the outlook and perspective of a gray day. I’ve been a long time fan of wearing pastels well into the winter months for this very reason. This whole outfit, while not your traditional fall colors, makes me have the biggest smile on my face. It’s a mood booster! 

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xo, Amanda  

Lawless Beauty


Lawless Lip Color In Dane And Romeo c/o || Bow Neck Sweater || Distressed Skinny Jeans || Crystal Link Bracelet || Engraved Ring ||

Good morning, friends! A few months ago I was introduced to a brand that makes its mission to create beautifully packaged, highly pigmented, long wearing, natural makeup with clean, non-toxic, ingredients. I wore some of Lawlessness Beauty’s lipstick shades in the spring and summer, specifically mixing Dane and Jake together for a nice berry or just wearing Jake alone for a pouty pink. I recently tried Romeo (what I’m wearing above) and love how rich the color is for fall. Be forewarned though, these are indeed highly pigmented making a small amount does go a long way. I tend to keep my makeup routine pretty basic, but I do enjoy trying a new lip shade here and there. It can totally transform a whole look! These lipsticks are a luquid with a matte finish. Beautifully designed with amazing color and clean ingredients, these are a true winner in my book. 

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xo, Amanda  

Wrapped In A Rose Bow


Pink Coat c/o || Pink Bow Heels || Circle Bag || Woolrich Rose Turtleneck || High Rise Skinny Jeans || Jackie Kennedy Pink Necklace || Rainbow Stud Earrings || Pink & Blue Co. Bracelet c/o ||  

Happy Tuesday, everyone! It’s that time of the year to bundle up and be cozy. Outerwear starts to take center stage now as the weather begins to cool. This wrap coat from Chicwish is a gorgeous dusty rose shade with an oversized turn-down collar and an asymmetric hemline. Perfect to keep warm against the chilly air. I love how you can make a nice big bow with the belt too. The coat fits true to size. I’m wearing an XS and found it to move comfortably.

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xo, Amanda  

Hello October


Plaid Shirt Dress || Burgundy Clutch || Karen Walker Sunglasses || Similar Leopard Loafers || Jackie Kennedy Emerald Earrings || Pink & Blue Co. Bracelet c/o ||  

Air turning crisp, leaves falling, apple picking, pumpkin carving, golden sun setting, hay riding, cozy cuddling, fashion layering, pie baking, candles flickering, sweater wearing, food comforting, trick or treating. Hello October.

I can’t help but to be mad for plaid now that autumn is in full swing. This ladylike midi shirt dress has a gorgeous deep forest green color and major retro vibes. Some other current plaid dress favorites are this fit and flare dress, this plaid tweed shirt dress, this silk a-line dress, this button front dress, this ruffle sheath dress, this faux wrap dress, and this tie neck fit and flare dress

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Ours was JAM packed and tons of fun! I always find from this point until the end of the year to be the busiest. Our calendar is completely filled already! One of the highlights from this past weekend was going to the Bloomsburg fair. It was truly a treat to go. The weather ended up being spectacular, even a bit too warm, and tons of people despite it being the last day.



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xo, Amanda  

The Perfect Gift For Any Mom

Pink & Blue Co Millie Bracelet c/o || 

Good morning and happy Friday, friends! I’ve become quite enchanted with wearing engraved jewelry lately, specifically with Ava’s name on it. It adds a personal touch that is incredibly special and unique to you. Currently, I have a ring with Ava’s name, a bracelet my brother and his fiancé surprised me with that also has Ava’s name, and now this gold bracelet engraved with Ava’s birth information and name from Pink & Blue Co. This is the perfect gift for any mom! I’m able to keep my most precious baby girl with me everywhere I go. The bracelet is a classic timeless piece that goes with any outfit and every occasion. The outside features the date of birth, weight, height, and time of birth. The inside can feature an engraving up to 20 characters. I chose Ava’s name, Ava Marie Lois. I’m over the moon in love with how it turned out! I was pleasently surprised they have petite sizes for the bracelet too. I cannot even begin to tell you how hard it is to find a bracelet that actually fits my tiny wrists. Pink & Blue Co also has necklaces that can be engraved. There are so many beautiful options. 

xo, Amanda  

Black Bow Tie


Bow Tie Sweater || High Rise Skinny Jeans || Vince Camino Bow Flats (Old, Similar) || Tory Burch Swingpack (Old, Similar) || Bow Hair Tie || 

Happy Thursday, friends! Every now and then I like to showcase some more casual looks that you’d find me in while doing chores or running some errands around town. My style tends to err on the dressy side, but that doesn’t mean you won’t see me in a simple sweater and jeans. While this look is casual, it’s still perfectly polished with a cool ease about it. The details of the ensemble, specifically the bows, give this look an extra little something special. 

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xo, Amanda  

Sunshine On A Dreary Day


Mustard Maxi Dress c/o || Tortoise Necklace || Kate Spade Burgundy Heels (Old, Similar) || LC Lauren Conrad Bag (Old, Similar) || Pink & Blue Co Bracelet c/o ||

Good morning, friends! If there’s one color that’s been dominating my fall wardrobe as of late, it’s this mustard shade. It pairs beautifully with all of autumn’s dazzling colors and brightens the dreariest of days. This maxi dress in particular has a nice heavy weight to it making it superb for evading the chilly temps. It also is a figure friendly fit and flare style, my eternal favorite, especially for doing a little twirl in! An affordable option at just $20 and with tons of comfort in the chicest style, this dress is a must!

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xo, Amanda  

Tassel Trimmed


Tassel Shift Dress c/o || Pink Embellished Sweater || Purple Cylinder Bag || Pink & Blue Co Bracelet c/o || Blush Glitter Sandal ||

Good morning and happy Tuesday! Fall officially arrived this past weekend with a cool crispness to the air that was oh so appropriate. I couldn’t wait to wear this tassel embellished shift dress from Chicwish. Purple has been a reigning color in my wardrobe this year with no end in sight. This shift dress is lightweight making it essential to layer for some added warmth. Aside from the beautiful color combination, the tassel embellished faux pockets make my heart sing! Who doesn’t love a good embellishment?! The detail gives the dress that extra bit of glam.

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xo, Amanda  

September Glossybox


September Glossybox c/o || Plaid Top || Ankle Skinny Jeans || Blush Bench || 

Happy Friday, friends!! This September beauty box from Glossybox was created to help with all of the common beauty problems wreaking havoc in our lives. Need to find the perfect lipstick, a scent that lasts, or get rid of greasy hair? This box has you covered! 

Stylelondon 9 Color Eyeshadow Palette In Eaton Square: These colors are glamorous and perfect for fall. The flawless combination of nine colors gives you a look for every occasion and the paraben free ingredients keep your body as beautiful on the inside as you look on the outside. 

Moodmatcher Twist Stick Lip Color: I’m wearing this in the photos above! This is a sleek, slim, lipstick that changes to match your body chemistry, giving you a personalized shade that is unique to you. 

Wild Garden Body Lotion In Oretty & Wild: I’ve been wearing this lotion everyday since getting it. The fragrance of sparkling mandarins combined with roses and sensual vanilla is out of this world. It’s both strong and delicate making me swoon every time I put it on.

Context Micro-Derm Regenerator: Both a cleanser and gentle exfoliating, the powerful antioxidants fight damage and protect your cells while polishing and removing dead skin, leaving you soft and hydrated. 

Lapcos Daily Skin Sheet Mask In Charcoal: This charcoal mask uses salicylic acid, tea tree oil and charcoal extract to remove toxins and keep your skin in a state of deep hydration.

Freeman Psssst! Original Dry Shampoo In Citrus: I’ve used this dry shampoo for as long as I can remember and almost used this whole bottle already. It’s transforms dull hair into a fresh look without having to lather up. Powder eliminates order, absorbs oil, and boosts volume, so just spray and you’re ready to go! 

Striped Cardi


Striped Cardi c/o || Swing Camisole || Distressed Skinny Jeans || Similar Leopard Loafers ||Similar Bag || Calico Necklace || 

Good morning! One of my favorite things about Fall is feeling cozy whether I’m wrapped up at home in a blanket or wearing a soft sweater to keep the chill at bay. While I don’t typically wear too many cardigans, they are a great way to layer and this one was too cute to pass up. The colors are gorgeous and it has  a nice weight to it. This will certainly keep you quite warm! It’s best to keep the rest of your look simple when wearing this cardigan since it’s a standout piece.

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xo, Amanda  

The Colors That Make Me Happy


Blush Turtleneck || Mustard Skirt c/o || LC Lauren Conrad Blazer (Old, Similar) || Karen Walker Sunglasses || Embroidered Bag || Velvet Heels || J.Crew Necklace (Old) || Ava Bracelet || Jackie Kennedy Emerald Earrings ||

Good morning, friends! I always feel my best when I’m wearing a certain color or color combination that I love. They brighten my mood and put a smile on my face. I tend not shy away from wearing pastels in the fall and winter nor do I from wearing mustard or an olive green in the spring and summer. Simply put, if a color makes you happy, rock it whenever you want! I honestly did not even realize until I was putting this post together that I was wearing all of my favorite colors and ones that have meaning for me. It was an outfit to cheer up a day that started out very gray and dull (the sun came out towards the end of the day much to everyone’s surprise.)

 I have an old dress from Modcloth I like to call my lemonade dress. It’s a punchy pink on top with a bow tie neck and a bright yellow pleated skirt. It is one of my all time favorites and served as inspiration for this particular look. I started with the mustard circle skirt, that flows and swish’s so very beautifully, topped off with a very lightweight blush turtleneck. As soon as the weather starts to cool,  I bring out all of my turtlenecks, which are my go-to for simple layering. These velvet heels not only feel incredibly comfortable to wear, but they're also chic and add a bit of luxe to any ensemble. The color online says taupe, but to me and just about everyone else who saw them, they look purple, another special and sentimental color for me. It was my mother’s favorite and one that will always remind me of her. The navy bag adds a feminine touch with its stunning embroidered floral design in shades of pink and green. Last, but not least, the burgundy knit blazer. This is another piece I’ve had from LC Lauren Conrad for many years. Its a workhorse blazer in my closet. I’ve worn it so many times and it never disappoints. The color adds such richness to an outfit. 

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xo, Amanda  

How To Wear Blush In The Fall


Blush Sweater || Blazer || Houndstooth Ruffle Skirt || Blush Vanity Bag || Burgundy Heels (Old, Similar) || Tortoise Necklace || Ava Bracelet || Ava’s Dress || 

Good morning and happy Monday, friends! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I did some antiquing and hit up a local craft show and a harvest fest, both of which were fabulous! They definitely put me in a fall state of mind, even though the weather decided to switch back to summer for a brief period. We had temperatures reaching into the 90s. Also, for my friends and family in the southeastern part of the U.S., specifically North and South Carolina, please stay safe! We’re praying for you! 

 While I love the rich hues of autumn, there is one color I wear year round, regardless of the season. Some may shy away from blush or rosy colors this time of the year, but they blend beautifully with fall’s vibrant color palette. On Ava, we see the very popular color combo of gray and pink, usually mixed with some white, for fall. Imagine a cozy pink sweater with white jeans and gray suede over the knee boots. I’m wearing some warmer tones to mix blush with and the ever popular classic houndstooth print. Pairing an accessory in blush can be an alternative way to work the color into your autumn ensemble as well. This vanity box bag, which Ava and I both love!, has a wonderful vintage vibe that works very well with the nostalgic feeling Fall tends to have. The color is gorgeous along with the gold hardware. 

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xo, Amanda 

Wish Upon A Star


Star Sweater || Sweater Blazer || White Jeans || Similar Kate Spade Bag || Similar Gold Heels || Star & Moon Earrings || Star And Moon Necklace || Ava Bracelet (A Gift From My Brother & His Fiancé) || 

Happy Thursday, everyone! Last year star and celestial prints were everywhere and I’m happy to report they’re still going strong! This midnight blue sweater with gold stars is the perfect weight for the in-between season and also for layering when the air turns crisp. The golden stars are sewn into the fabric for a high quality look. I used the stars as inspiration for the details in this look with all gold jewelry and shoes.

I know the old saying of not wearing white after Labor Day, but rules were made to be broken and this one certainly is. White jeans in the fall is one of my favorite looks! You can wear white after summer by simply paying attention to the fabric. White tweed makes sense while white linen does not. We’ve been having some cooler temperatures lately making this sweater blazer an essential. I love the relaxed feel yet tailored look. The best of both worlds!

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xo, Amanda 

Color Crushing: Mustard


Mustard Top c/o || Skinny Jeans || Velvet Flats || Karen Walker Sunglasses || Similar Kate Spade Bag || Jackie Kennedy Emerald Earrings || DW Watch c/o ||

Happy Wednesday, friends! As many of you know, my current color crush for summer and  now leading into fall are shades of yellow. For summer I dreamed of all things with a sunshine hue and now for fall it’s mustard. Just looking at the rich happy color puts a smile on my face! This high-low textured top has a nice heavy weight to it. This is a great top to throw on with a pair of jeans or some leggings for a casual comfy look. It’s on sale now for $12 and fits true to size. It’s a nice way to try out the color and won’t break the bank. These velvet flats are another fabulous addition of the sunshine color to my wardrobe. They’re very luxe, fit true to size, and currently 60% off. They work very well to brighten any look!

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xo, Amanda