Wearing My Heart On My Sleeve


Heart Sleeve Sweater c/o || Distressed Skinny Jeans c/o || Similar Red Shoes || Siilar Red Bag || Sunglasses || Jackie Kennedy Cascade Ring || Stella & Dot Brier Ring || Stlla & Dot Engraved Ring || Jackie Kennedy Earrings || 

Good morning, friends!  This darling heart sweater from Chicwish is the absolute cutest! Who doesn’t love a little pop of heart?! It’s especially perfect for celebrating a cozy Valentine’s Day. Speaking of cozy, this sweater is just that. I felt so comfortable and warm and I love that it has a turtleneck too. I’m all about turtlenecks for keeping warm! The sizing comes in S/M or L/XL. Im wearing the S/M. 

I hope everyone is staying warm and safe today! We’re currently in the middle of a snow storm and snuggled up inside dreaming of all the beautiful warm weather destinations.   

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xo, Amanda  

Insta & Life Updates

A preview of a resort/spring outfit from Julie Brown NYC. I actually shot this dress yesterday and plan to have it on here shortly, but this was the sneak peak from last week! How cute are those ruffles?!   

A preview of a resort/spring outfit from Julie Brown NYC. I actually shot this dress yesterday and plan to have it on here shortly, but this was the sneak peak from last week! How cute are those ruffles?!   

A snapshot of Ava loving the “fuzzy” chair we have.  

A snapshot of Ava loving the “fuzzy” chair we have.  

My newest find is this beet juice, which i have become addicted too. I’ve always been a bit of a health nut and try to get in my daily nutrients wherever I can. I get this from my local Weis Market and drink it every morning. I put the juice in a small glass so that each bottle usually lasts me about three days. The benefits of beet juice are amazing. Check them out here.  

My newest find is this beet juice, which i have become addicted too. I’ve always been a bit of a health nut and try to get in my daily nutrients wherever I can. I get this from my local Weis Market and drink it every morning. I put the juice in a small glass so that each bottle usually lasts me about three days. The benefits of beet juice are amazing. Check them out here.  


My other newest addiction is this Coconut Water. I also get it from my local Weis Market. It’s the best tasting one I’ve ever had. I have one per day usually with my lunch or dinner.  


Ava and her uncle Mike! He is a crane machine whiz and won her a bunch of stuffed animals after the celebratory dinner we had.  


A close up of the rings I usually wear. A new addition is this engraved ring, which I had Ava’s name put on.

Stella & Dot Brier Ring || Jackie Kennedy Cascade Ring || Stella & Dot Engraved Ring ||  


Ava out on the one uncharacteristically warm day we had this winter. One of my best friends got her this Peppa rain jacket for Christmas. She loves it! I can’t wait to break it back out in the spring time.


This honey pot is from Target and only $5! I saw it on a recent run there and could not pass it up. It’s perfect for my vintage tea cup collection.  


Ava being a cheesehead! Go Pack Go!! Right now we’re rooting for either the Eagles or the Patriots to win! 


Cheering on my Nitinay Lions!

Jeans || Red Hunter Boots ||  


I’m Seeing Stars


Star Print Dress c/o || Similar Bag || Rock Stud Pumps || Freyrs Sunglasses c/o || Baublebar Star Earrings c/o || DW Watch c/o || Jackie Kennedy Cascade Ring || Stella & Dot Ring || Stella & Dot Engravable Ring ||  

A wonderful and very happy Friday to everyone! Star prints have been everywhere this season and I am a huge fan (ahem, Star Wars.) Stars have always evoked a sense of wonder, hope, and magic for me. While growing up and gazing upon the starry night sky, anything truly seemed possible. Disney’s song “When You Wish Upon A Star” sung by Jiminy Cricket comes to mind as well. It’s a print to get behind and embrace fully. This beaming star dress from Chicwish does just that and does it perfectly. It’s actually a twin set dress with a separate turtleneck underneath the tweed and mesh print star overlay. I loveeee twinsets since it’s a two-for-one deal. The quality of turtleneck is fantastic too! A great piece to wear on its own. The dress part is made from tweed with a mesh tulle overlay with the star print, which is a shimmery bronze color. The dress fits true to size. I’m wearing an XS. 


I hope everyone has a great weekend! Cheers! 

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xo, Amanda  

Bow Tie Contrast Sweater


Pink Contrast Sweater c/o ||  Paige Black Skinny Jeans || Similar Black OTK Boots || Circle Bag || Pink Pom Hat || Stella & Dot Ring || Jackie Kennedy Cascade Ring || Sunglasses || 

Hello and good morning, everyone! The sweater I’m wearing is my solution for those days where you just want to grab something quick and head out the door. It’s made to look like two pieces, a twofer, but it’s actually only one. Simple and easy. Not only that, but it’s currently $10! That’s an absolute steal! This sweater/blouse also comes in gray, but the blush was calling my name. The black bow tie string is detachable allowing you to wear it with or without. 

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xo, Amanda  

Classic Black & Camel


Black Jacket || Camel Cardigan || Black Turtleneck || Suede Leggings || Similar Black OTK Boots || Similar Leopard Bag || Sunglasses || Jackie Kennedy Cascade Ring || Stella & Dot Ring || Jackie Kennedy Earrings || 

Good morning, friends! Black and camel will forever be one of those go-to classic combinations that never fails. They both work so well together and make anyone wearing them look instantly put together. What’s not to love about that?! I didn’t want to add in any pops of color, but rather to stay true to the dual colors while still adding something interesting and fun to the mix. Leopard. Another go-to classic print that, when done tastefully, never fails. It’s the perfect pop to this classic ensemble. These suede leggings are pretty fantastic too. I’m wearing an XS for reference. They are beyond comfortable, fit and feel great, and actually kept my legs warm. The fabric is heavier and thicker than your normal legging. Truly a win! 

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xo, Amanda

Exploring A Winter Wonderland


Similar Red Jacket || Plaid Shirt || Fleece Vest || AG Skinny Jeans || Similar Socks || Duck Boots || Similar Trapper Hat || Similar Red Gloves || Jackie Kennedy Cascade Ring || Stella & Dot Ring ||  

Good morning and happy Tuesday, friends! Did everyone stay warm over the weekend? We finally broke the freezing streak of single digits and reached temperatures in the 20s yesterday. You know what, it actually felt warm, which is crazy since it was only in the 20’s! Hey, at this point, i’ll take what I can get! I also went to go see Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which I’ll get into in a minute. Basically, I am fascinated with this movie. I’m a long time Star Wars fan, but this specific one really got me excited to watch and dissect it. If you haven’t seen it yet, beware, spoilers are ahead! 

Ive mentioned this numerous times before, but snowy winter wonderlands are my FAVORITE to photograph. The scenery is always so magical with a certain bit of whimsy dancing just upon the surface. This has been my go-to outfit lately when adventuring outdoors. It’s not only warm with its many layers, but also totally chic! My favorite part is the trapper hat. I mean, how adorable is it?! I’ve has this one for quite some time now and always grab it when the temperatures plunge. There are so many cute options out right now like this patterned one, this faux fur one, or this quilted one

Ok, now onto my love for the new Star Wars movie. Warning, SPOILERS! I will admit that when The Force Awakens came out in 2015, I had mixed feelings about it. I definitely liked it, but I wasn’t totally sold on the new characters. They did eventually grow on me though. Kylo Ren bothered me the most. I could not believe he was the new Darth Vader. WHAT?!? No way. Vader is one of the coolest cinematic characters in all of film history. Kylo was like this man child who threw tantrums and looked emo. He killed Han Solo, oh my goodness, my eyes bugged out my head when that happened. Nooooo. In any case, I didn’t necessarily like him. I did think his relationship with Rey was interesting though. Not that there was much to go on in TFA, but something was up with them. 

Fast forward two years with TLJ premiering and I’m giddy as a schoolgirl to go see it. A lot of people did not like this newest addition because it didn’t feel like Star Wars, which, yes and no. The new director, Rain Johnson, did take the movie in a different direction, but I actually liked it. Now, half of the movie was kind of unnecessary and didn’t really move the key parts of the plot forward, namely the whole Finn and Rose casino mascarade, but I like Finn and the visuals were dazzling to see. The big parts of the story were Luke and the palpable chemistry between Kylo and Rey. At first, I didn’t like what they did with Luke. He was cantankerous and looked like grizzly Adams. He wanted to get rid of the Jedi Order and basically just die on the island of Ach-To. Of course, he does come back to help in the end and eventually dies after doing so. Note, no one kills him. He is at peace and has fulfilled his purpose and simply fades away. That is how Jedi’s typically pass on. He also did expend a tremendous amount of energy using the force to teleport himself to Crate where the Resistance and the First Order were about to have a showdown thanks to a massive canon. There is a very poignant moment where he looks out to the horizon and sees the two suns setting with John Williams beautiful score playing right before he passes. When we first saw Luke as a young man in A New Hope and he was about to embark on his Jedi journey, he was looking out to the horizon with two setting suns setting and the very same John Williams score playing. It was a full circle moment and beautifully done. 

Now, onto the juiciest part of the movie, which in my opinion was perfectly done. The Kylo (Ben) and Rey relationship. #Reylo until the end! I am shipping so hard on them right now, haha. The chemistry between them is literally off the charts and their “force chats” were so believable and filled with raw emotion. They made the simple act of briefly touching hands feel so intimate. It’s a forbidden romance of course, he is “evil” and she is good. Darkness and light. There is conflict in Kylo though where light still remains. It was nice to see some of his humanity in this film too. That had me looking at him differently and not comparing him to Vader. The Snoke death scene and fight that follows it, OMG!!! The sexiest and best scene in all of Star Wars history. No lie. That was my favorite scene in the whole movie. The way they fight together, perfectly in sync and always checking to make sure the other is alright. The only way for there to be balance in the force is for light and dark to balance one another out. Neither side can prevail, which is what happened in Return Of The Jedi. This fact alone has me hoping that Rey and Kylo can come together in the end, episode IX (2019 release hopefully) and balance everything out. It’s there, Kylo loves Rey, but Rey loves Ben, who Kylo used to be. His birth name. The good side of him before he turned into Kylo Ren with the dark side. There’s a ton of subtlety and innuendos, which is what makes Star Wars great. You have to dissect and look further than what is on the surface. 

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xo, Amanda  


Velvet Bows


Good morning and happy Friday!! First off, I hope everyone is staying warm with the extreme cold weather/ blizzard we’re in. Luckily, NEPA was spared the blizzard part, but the temperature is going wayyyyy down to below zero with the wind chill. As Yukon Cornelius said, “it’s not fit for man nor beast out there!” 

 This velvet dress has me reminiscing about the 1930s. The luxurious velvet instantly adds glamour to any outfit. I loved the drape and feel of the dress too. The inside feels silky and absolutely lovely against the skin. The dress has a nice weight to it making it a fantastic option for late fall and winter. How about the beautiful rose color too?! Last, but not least, the gorgeous bows and ruffle details adorning the dress. Any little feminine  detail always gets me. 

Please stay warm and cuddle under a blanket this weekdend! Cheers! 

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xo, Amanda  

Snow Day


Good morning and happy new year! Snow pictures are my favorite to take. There’s something quite magical and enchanting about the new fallen snow. It makes a beautiful bright backdrop too. The only downside is the cold, haha. I could certainly do without that. Before you ask, yes, I have heels on in the snow. Nothing new for me, but I wanted to show how I would actually wear this outfit, say for Valentines Day, which is going to be here before you know it! It’s never too early to start planning. On the actual day I took these, it was snowing so  plan B called for some boots to walk through the inches of snow on the ground. In any case, this red dress was the perfect pop of color against the snow. I love the circle style too, hello twirling! This dress is on sale right now for $22. I’m wearing a size small an found it to fit true to size. 


Cheers to 2018!


xo, Amanda

Personal Highlights From 2017

The last day of 2017, I still cannot believe it! 2017 had quite a few beautiful memories for me that I wanted to highlight below. Thank you again to everyone for following along on this journey with me! I hope you enjoy and cheers to a happy and healthy 2018!!  


Mother’s Day. Ava and I dressed up in matching pink tulle outfits! This was so special and the day was beyond beautiful. Everyone was commenting on how cute we were dressed alike at the restaurant we went to. 


Ava becoming a little fashionista! This past year Ava has absolutely fallen in love with my dressing room and playing with all things girly!  


Easter weekend. Jesus has risen. The weather finally was turning a corner and a little bunny visited our home and left some treats!  


Spent my dad’s birthday down with the cherry blossoms. What a magical time of the year. 


Taking walks in the park and handing out flowers. This photo melts my heart. Ava lovesss flowers. She’ll go pick them and then hand them out or just continue to smell them haha. 


Trips to Knoebels. This year Ava actually rode some rides. A fun time for all! That smile.  


Spending my 29th birthday at the JFK 100 birthday celebration. This was a BIG one for me. JFK and I share the same birthday, which is beyond cool. Ava also has Obama’s birthday! The cake was sooooo good. 


Our annual trip to Cape Cod was a memorable one since it was Ava’s first visit!  


Getting to ride on Thomas the Tank. This was amazingly cool. Thomas looks absolutely real! I was blown away. We also got to visit with our family while we were there. They’re the best, I love you guys! 


The dedication of the JFK statue in Pittston, PA. My shirt was a hit!  


Our last year enjoying all the fun Belle brought to our lives.  


Ava’s first time to the Luzerne County Fair. She loved this tractor and was pretty good at working it too!  


My little shutter bug. She goes to grab my camera all the time now. Maybe she’ll love photography too someday.  


Halloween! Ava dressed up as Peppa Pig. All of the little kids loved her costume. I kept hearing, mommy mommy, there’s Peppa Pig!  


Ava and I on a photo shoot. This was one of my favorites with her. We dressed in matching colors and went to the park. We always have a blast on location! 


Watching the night sky and the space crafts that zoom up above. 


Valley Forge. My favorite spot in PA, especially in the fall. The word spectacular comes to mind when describing the foliage there.  


Matchy matchy. We’re a family that likes to match together haha.  


Christmas! Yay! The most wonderful time of the year. We packed so much into this Christmas season between decorating, singing carols, baking cookies, light rides, reading Christmas stories, watching Christmas movies, catching snow  flakes on our tongues, going to tree lightings, visiting with family and friends....the list goes on! My favorite part of Christmas is actually going to church on Christmas Eve and singing Silent Night by candle lite.  


xo, Amanda  

Goodbye 2017


Every year I like to round up my favorite outfits from the year and to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for following along and taking the time to read my blog. To all of my family, friends, and collaborators, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Without you, none of this would be possible. I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season and looking forward to ringing in 2018! Tomorrow I’ll be taking a look back at some of my favorite personal moments from 2017. Stay tuned! 


xo, Amanda  

Silver Bells


Sequin Dress c/o || Similar Bow Sequin Shoes || Similar Black Sequin Clutch || Black Jacket || BaubleBar Bracelets c/o || Jackie Kennedy Earrings (sold out) || Jackie Kennedy Cascade Ring || Stella & Dot Ring || 

Hello and happy Thursday, friends! I hope everyone had a magical Christmas and a truly wonderful holiday season. We had a great time at church on Christmas Eve and celebrated Jesus’s birth with a small birthday party afterwards. My favorite part has always been the candle lite singing of Silent Night. I vividly remembering doing that with my parents when I was younger and then going home to the reading of The Night Before Christmas. I always get a little sad when Christmas is over, but that means New Years Eve is right around the corner! I can hardly believe 2017 is almost over. It literally feels like it went by in the blink of an eye. While we remember all that went on in the year, here’s to celebrating the new one! This little sequin dress would be PERFECT for your NYE celebration. I’m wearing a size small. There is also a gold version of the dress too. I found it to be quite comfortable. Sometimes sequin items can be scratchy, but this dress felt fabulous on. This dress would be great for a fun night out too, whether it’s New Years Eve or not! Cheers to a shimmering New Year! 

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xo, Amanda  

Rose Gold Sparkle


Rose Gold Maxi Dress c/o || Faux Fur Pearl Jacket c/o || Rose Gold Sequin Clutch (Old, Target, Similar Here) || Jackie Kennedy Earrings || Jackie Kennedy Cascade Ring || Stella & Dot Ring || DW Watch And Bangle c/o || 


Happy Friday, everyone! Tis’ the season for sparkly gowns and festive parties! This elegant outfit is all about ringing in the new year with style. It’s the one time of the year where you want to dazzle with all of the shimmer and shine. This backless rose gold maxi dress is exceptional with its stunning sequins adorning the entire gown. How about the faux fur jacket with pearl detailing along the front?! Talk about glamour. It’s the icing on the cake with a cherry on top! Daniel Wellington is also having a sale on their watch and bangle bundles. You can get 10% off of your order plus an additional 15% off with the code AMANDAB15. 


I hope everyone has a wonderfully cheery Christmas weekend filled with magic and love!  

xo, Amanda

Cheers! x Glossybox


December Glossybox c/o || Sequin Top || Black Skinny Jeans || Similar Fuzzy Chair || Stella & Dot Ring || Jackie Kennedy Cascade Ring || Bauble Bar Bracelets c/o ||  

Good morning, friends! The holidays are in full swing and with that comes soirées where you’ll want to be looking your best. Luckily, this months Glossybox is filled with party ready looks and brilliant breakthroughs to help you step things up and out in style!  Below are all the goodies included. 

  • MakeupDrop Original:  Smooth to the touch and flawless on your skin, this drop shaped blender instantly smoothies and sets product, from natural matte finishes and contoured looks  
  • Laura Geller New York Easy Illuminating Stick  : Glow on all season long! This oil-free, all flattering stick adds gorgeous shimmer to collarbones, cheeks, and eyes while fending off the unwanted shine.  
  • Show Beauty Riche Grooming Balm:  Say goodbye to split ends, frizzy flaws and flayaways! SHOW Beauty’s Rich Grooming Balm conditions your hair for smooth, soft finish with long lasting shine without the greasy feeling! 
  • Beauty For Real I-Line 24-7 Eyeliner In Platinum Blonde:  The sleek, precise finish of a gel with the no fail ease of a must have pencil! Not only will this liner make your eyes literally sparkle, but it’s instsbtly drying formula means it stays put all day long, too.  
  • UNANI  Dermo Defense Face Mask:  The Dermo Defense Face Mask provides skincare, protection, nutrition and hydration while removing impurities. When you apply the treatment or mask once or twice a week, you will notice a profound improvement in cell renewal and skin regeneration.

Cheers darlings!  

xo, Amanda

Baubles, Bangles, And Beads


The Peachbox Roman Numeral Bracelet, Ring, And Necklace All c/o || Sweater || Plaid Shirt || AG Skinng Jeans || Similar Fuzzy Chair || Ava’s Rudolph Pj’s || Jackie Kennedy Earrings || 

Good morning friends and happy Monday! Can you believe Christmas is only one week away?! Give the gift of glamour this holiday season with The Peach Box. They’re having a Christmas sale for 20% off with the code XMAS-20. The sale ends tomorrow so make sure to strike while the iron’s hot! I love the beautiful simplicity and quality of their pieces, especially the Roman numeral ring, bracelet, and necklace I have on above. They also have free shipping on orders over $75! Their customer service is fantastic too. On another note, Ava loved sitting in what we call the fuzzy chair, haha. She was all about it and kept climbing onto it having a great time. 


xo, Amanda  

The Scent Of The Holiday Season // GIVEAWAY


Happy FRI-YAY everyone! Today is very exciting since I’m hosting a giveaway with Glossybox and Nest Fragrances for their 12 Days Of Giving. There is always a candle going in my home and let me tell you, I was blown away by how amazing these candles and reed diffusers are! I was never able to find a reed diffuser where I could actually smell the scent throughout my home, but these from Nest do the trick! Can we talk about how beautifully packaged the candles and diffusers are too?! Everything is so festive. The scents included are Holiday, Birchwood Pine, and Sugar Cookie. Ten lucky winners will each receive a set like the one I have above. Three candles and three reed diffusers. Now, onto the giveaway! 

Simply follow the link HERE to enter the giveaway. Good luck to everyone! Have a happy weekend! 


xo, Amanda 

Our Christmas Song List


My Christmas PJ’s (Old) || Ava’s Rudolph PJ’s || Classic Vintage Style Turntable || 

Good morning and happy Thursday, friends! This was such a fun post to put together. Christmas songs are one of the most magical and fun parts of the Christmas season. You only get to listen to them for a short while, though I know some people who listen to them throughout the year, haha. Ava and I listen to them everyday whether we’re at home or in the car, Christmas music is always playing. I created a list that are some of our most favorite Christmas songs. The list would be a mile long if I included all of them! There are the stand by classics, some newer editions, and maybe even some you may not have heard before. We all know Jingle Bells, but have you heard Sinatra’s version? It’s so much fun and the best there is! If you need some Christmas cheer, look no further than We Need A Little Christmas sung by Angela Landsbury, an instant mood lifter! I hope everyone enjoys.

  • Jingle Bells- Frank Sinatra
  • White Christmas- Bing Crosby
  • Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer- Burl Ives
  • Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow- Dean Martin
  • Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays- *NSYNC
  • The Christmas Song- Nat King Cole 
  • All I Want For Christmas Is You- Mariah Carey
  • The Christmas Waltz- Frank Sinatra
  • Carol Of The Bells-Trans-Siberian Orchestra
  • We Need A Little Christmas- Angela Landsbury  
  • Winter Wonderland- Johnny Mathis
  • It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas- Michael Buble
  • Baby It’s Cold Outside- Dean Martin
  • Rockin Around The Christmas Tree- Brenda Lee
  • The First Noel- Frank Sinatra
  • The Little Drummer Boy/ Peace On Earth- Bing Crosby and David Bowie
  • The Littlest Angel- Bing Crosby
  • Santa Claus Is Coming To Town-  Michael Buble
  • The 12 Pains Of Christmas- Bob Rivers
  • Cool Yule- Louis Armstrong
  • A Marshmallow World- Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin
  • Frosty The Snowman- Jimmy Durante  

Jingle Bells- Frank Sinatra  

White Christmas- Bing Crosby

Also including this duet of White Christmas  with Michael Bublé and Bing Crosby- The technology is amazing! 

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer- Burl Ives

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow- Dean Martin  

Marry Christmas, Happy Holidays- *NSYNC

The Christmas Song- Nat King Cole

All I Want For Christmas Is You- Mariah Carey

The Christmas Waltz- Frank Sinatra  

Carol Of The Bells- Trans-Siberian Orchestra  

We Need A Little Christmas- Angela Landsbury

Winter Wonderland- Johnny Mathis

It’s Beginning To Look A lot Like Christmas- Michael Bublé  

Baby It’s Cold Outside- Dean Martin

Rockin Around The Christmas Tree- Brenda Lee

The First Noel- Frank Sinatra

The Little Drummer Boy/ Peace On Earth- Bing Crosby And David Bowie

The Littlest Angel- Bing Crosby 

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town- Michael Bublé  

12 Pains Of Christmas- Bob Rivers  

Cool Yule- Louis Armstrong

A Marshmallow World- Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin  

Frosty The Snowman- Jimmy Durante

A French Press


Gold French Press || Copper Mule Mugs || Gold Spoon || Plaid Dress c/o (Old, Similar Here) ||  

Good morning, friends! If you’re like me, then coffee is a big part of your daily routine. I actually drink green tea in the morning and then make some coffee for a pick me up in the afternoon. Recently I started using a French Press to make my coffee. Personally, this is a great option since I only drink one or two cups at the most. Typically with a French Press you only want to make the exact amount you’ll be drinking without any leftover. Think “of the moment”. It’s a very romantic idea! Leaving the coffee in the grounds will only make it bitter when you go to re-heat it. 

In most other countries this is called “Cafetiere coffee” while in America we refer to it as French Press. I remember the first time I ever had French Pressed coffee was in a local organic restaurant. They used sweetened condensed milk in it too and it was absolutely delicious! There are many different styles of French Presses out there and at different price points. Some of them are included below! They all look incredibly chic too. The steps to making a fresh cup are faily simple. 

  • First, you want to heat your water. I use an electric tea kettle.  
  • Next, use the scoop included with the pot to put in the amount of coffee grinds you’ll be using. I always do one scoop per each cup of water. I use New England coffee brand. I almost always get the blueberry flavor! After that, measure out the amount of water you’ll be using and pour that into the pot. Sometimes I put the water in first and then the coffee. Either way is fine. 
  • Stir everything together and let brew for four minutes.  
  • Place the Press into the pot and slowly press down until you reach the bottom. Make sure the lid is turned to where the spout is facing out.  
  • Lastly, pour your coffee and enjoy!  

If you do end up making more coffee than you can drink at the moment, try pouring the coffee out into another container for later so it does not get bitter sitting in the grounds.   

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xo, Amanda  

Quilted Velvet Skirt


Embellished Blush Sweater (Banana Republic, Old, Similar Here) || Quilted Velvet Skirt c/o || Tignanello Bag c/o || Nude Heels (Jennifer Lopez, Old, Similar Here) || Stella & Dot Ring || Jackie Kennedy Cascade Ring ||  

Good morning and happy Tuesday! We had our first big snow fall this past weekend and it was beautiful. The first snowfall always is and then I’m basically done with it, haha. We also went to a tree lighting in Dallas (local not Texas lol) for their centennial celebration this year. It was so much fun! Hot chocolate, caroling, twinkle lights, and Santa make for one truly magical night. 

This is one winter look that combines so many pretty details all while staying warm.  The midi skirt from Chicwish is quilted velvet with a subtle sheen to it. Totally luxe! It fits true to size. I’m wearing an XS. I love the dark rose color too. This time of the year is all about adding a little bit of glamour to your look. One way I like to do that is with embellished pieces like the sweater I’m wearing above. It’s one of my most worn sweaters and Ava loves to touch the pearls and beads! There are some great choices out there like this pink bow sweater, this embellished collar blush sweater, this faux fur beaded sweater , and this sequin cardigan

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xo, Amanda  

An Elegant Affair


Julie Brown NYC Coat c/o || Julie Brown NYC Dress c/o || Just Fab Shoes c/o (Old, Similar Here) || Vintage Clutch (Similar Here) || Jackie Kennedy Cascade Ring || Stella & Dot Ring || 

Happy Friday, everyone! I cannot even begin to tell you how elegantly glamorous this ensemble made me feel. This jacket is so dreamy and perfect for any holiday party or formal occasion. Even just a fancy night out on the town! It features three quarter sleeves and rhinestones on the chest. The satin material feels devine, but doesn’t add for much warmth. This black dress with faux fur around the neckline and wrists is the epitome of classically chic. It hugs my curves perfectly and is so comfy to wear! It’s understated, but the faux fur gives it an extra special touch. 


I hope ole everyone has a wonderful weekend!  

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xo, Amanda  


Ice Blue // Plaid Tweed Coat


Plaid Jacket c/o || LC Lauren Conrad Penguin Sweater, Old || White Turtleneck || AG Skinny Jeans || White Circle Bag || Similar Silver Bow Heels || Jackie Kennedy Cascade Ring || Stella & Dot Ring || Jackie Kennedy Earrings ||  

Hello and happy Thursday, friends! Today’s look is all about this plaid tweed coat and icy cool blue tones. To start off with, how gorgeous is this plaid coat from Chicwish?! The powdery blue color in the coat is what I started with and went from there. I typically choose warmer tones and gold, but felt that silver and light blue would blend beautifully together. I found the coat to fit true to size and went with an XS. It’s currently on sale for 25% off now too! This tweed coat will undoubtably elevate any look and keep you stylish all winter long. When you think about it, a coat is so important since that’s what most people see you in while you’re out and about. I hope everyone had a great Friday-Eve! 

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xo, Amanda