The Colors That Make Me Happy


Blush Turtleneck || Mustard Skirt c/o || LC Lauren Conrad Blazer (Old, Similar) || Karen Walker Sunglasses || Embroidered Bag || Velvet Heels || J.Crew Necklace (Old) || Ava Bracelet || Jackie Kennedy Emerald Earrings ||

Good morning, friends! I always feel my best when I’m wearing a certain color or color combination that I love. They brighten my mood and put a smile on my face. I tend not shy away from wearing pastels in the fall and winter nor do I from wearing mustard or an olive green in the spring and summer. Simply put, if a color makes you happy, rock it whenever you want! I honestly did not even realize until I was putting this post together that I was wearing all of my favorite colors and ones that have meaning for me. It was an outfit to cheer up a day that started out very gray and dull (the sun came out towards the end of the day much to everyone’s surprise.)

 I have an old dress from Modcloth I like to call my lemonade dress. It’s a punchy pink on top with a bow tie neck and a bright yellow pleated skirt. It is one of my all time favorites and served as inspiration for this particular look. I started with the mustard circle skirt, that flows and swish’s so very beautifully, topped off with a very lightweight blush turtleneck. As soon as the weather starts to cool,  I bring out all of my turtlenecks, which are my go-to for simple layering. These velvet heels not only feel incredibly comfortable to wear, but they're also chic and add a bit of luxe to any ensemble. The color online says taupe, but to me and just about everyone else who saw them, they look purple, another special and sentimental color for me. It was my mother’s favorite and one that will always remind me of her. The navy bag adds a feminine touch with its stunning embroidered floral design in shades of pink and green. Last, but not least, the burgundy knit blazer. This is another piece I’ve had from LC Lauren Conrad for many years. Its a workhorse blazer in my closet. I’ve worn it so many times and it never disappoints. The color adds such richness to an outfit. 

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xo, Amanda  

How To Wear Blush In The Fall


Blush Sweater || Blazer || Houndstooth Ruffle Skirt || Blush Vanity Bag || Burgundy Heels (Old, Similar) || Tortoise Necklace || Ava Bracelet || Ava’s Dress || 

Good morning and happy Monday, friends! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I did some antiquing and hit up a local craft show and a harvest fest, both of which were fabulous! They definitely put me in a fall state of mind, even though the weather decided to switch back to summer for a brief period. We had temperatures reaching into the 90s. Also, for my friends and family in the southeastern part of the U.S., specifically North and South Carolina, please stay safe! We’re praying for you! 

 While I love the rich hues of autumn, there is one color I wear year round, regardless of the season. Some may shy away from blush or rosy colors this time of the year, but they blend beautifully with fall’s vibrant color palette. On Ava, we see the very popular color combo of gray and pink, usually mixed with some white, for fall. Imagine a cozy pink sweater with white jeans and gray suede over the knee boots. I’m wearing some warmer tones to mix blush with and the ever popular classic houndstooth print. Pairing an accessory in blush can be an alternative way to work the color into your autumn ensemble as well. This vanity box bag, which Ava and I both love!, has a wonderful vintage vibe that works very well with the nostalgic feeling Fall tends to have. The color is gorgeous along with the gold hardware. 

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xo, Amanda 

Wish Upon A Star


Star Sweater || Sweater Blazer || White Jeans || Similar Kate Spade Bag || Similar Gold Heels || Star & Moon Earrings || Star And Moon Necklace || Ava Bracelet (A Gift From My Brother & His Fiancé) || 

Happy Thursday, everyone! Last year star and celestial prints were everywhere and I’m happy to report they’re still going strong! This midnight blue sweater with gold stars is the perfect weight for the in-between season and also for layering when the air turns crisp. The golden stars are sewn into the fabric for a high quality look. I used the stars as inspiration for the details in this look with all gold jewelry and shoes.

I know the old saying of not wearing white after Labor Day, but rules were made to be broken and this one certainly is. White jeans in the fall is one of my favorite looks! You can wear white after summer by simply paying attention to the fabric. White tweed makes sense while white linen does not. We’ve been having some cooler temperatures lately making this sweater blazer an essential. I love the relaxed feel yet tailored look. The best of both worlds!

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xo, Amanda 

Color Crushing: Mustard


Mustard Top c/o || Skinny Jeans || Velvet Flats || Karen Walker Sunglasses || Similar Kate Spade Bag || Jackie Kennedy Emerald Earrings || DW Watch c/o ||

Happy Wednesday, friends! As many of you know, my current color crush for summer and  now leading into fall are shades of yellow. For summer I dreamed of all things with a sunshine hue and now for fall it’s mustard. Just looking at the rich happy color puts a smile on my face! This high-low textured top has a nice heavy weight to it. This is a great top to throw on with a pair of jeans or some leggings for a casual comfy look. It’s on sale now for $12 and fits true to size. It’s a nice way to try out the color and won’t break the bank. These velvet flats are another fabulous addition of the sunshine color to my wardrobe. They’re very luxe, fit true to size, and currently 60% off. They work very well to brighten any look!

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xo, Amanda  

Falling In Love With Classic Fall Movies


It’s that time of the year again for my seasonal favorite classic movies: Fall edition. These are my top 10 movies that I love to watch when the air turns crisp, the leaves begin to change into their brilliant colors, and the sweet smell of cinnamon, nutmeg, and pumpkin spice everything fills the air. There is no certain order to the list, though my number one favorite is listed as number one. It’s no surprise too that a few of these are from Alfred Hitchcock. His movies are what inspired my love for the classics and some are truly spooky with a bit of thrill to them. Speaking of, you’ll find some scary thrillers on this list for Halloween and also breathtaking fall foliage along with back to school themes. Without further ado, here are my favorite fall classics, with one honorable mention at the end! 



1. The Trouble With Harry

This is without a doubt my most favorite fall movie. I watch it as soon as fall begins and then a few times after. I watched it just this past weekend and it truly never gets old. The trouble with Harry is that he is dead. It’s as simple as that! It’s a Hitchcock movie that doesn’t necessarily feel like a Hitchcock one, but the suspense is still there along with a good dose of English humor. This was Shirley MacLaine’s first big movie role and she fit the part perfectly. The little boy, that’s Jerry Matthews or more commonly know as The Beaver from Leave It To Beaver. The best part about the movie is the scenery. The breathtaking views of the Vermont countryside at their peak in October. A fun fact, the film crew got most of the exterior shots done for the movie, though not all, before a snow storm hit the area and knocked all of the leaves off of the trees. Afterwards, everyone packed up and headed back to Los Angles to complete filming on a sound stage. Hitchcock had the idea to also pack up the leaves that had fallen off of the trees and ship them to LA as well. When they arrived, they were painted and then pinned to the trees on the set. Pretty cool idea! 


 2. Psycho

Arguably, this is Hitchcock’s most famous movie and with good reason too. Ever been afraid to take a shower? It’s becuase of this movie. It’s quite a psychological thriller with twists and turns and one of, if not the best, psychological killers out there. Anthony Perkins portrayal of Normal Bates is a masterpiece to watch. No one could have quite played the part like he did. I actually based my high school senior project on this movie, specifically Norman Bates. I’m not sure if schools still require the year long “senior project” but at the time mine did. I researched mental health focusing on multiple personality disorder, which is what Norman Bates suffers from. While doing my presentation, I showed clips form the movie, which my teeachers LOVED. 


 3. Murder By Death:

This is such a good movie and one that is underrated in my opinion! It’s a classic who done it starring one of my favorite detectives of all time, Peter Faulk (who plays Colombo on television.)  This movie reminds me very much of the game Clue, which I also love. I even have a Hitchcock edition of Clue! The plot revolves around five famous literary detectives and their sidekicks who are invited to a bizarre mansion to solve an even crazier murder. The halarity that ensues is priceless! There are so many great actors in this too from Peter Faulk, Peter Sellers, Alec Guinesses, David Niven, Maggie Smith, James Coco, and even Truman Capote. James Coco’s character of Milo Perrier portrays the famous Hercule Poirot and is my favorite in the movie. He’s just too funny! A fun fact is that while Alec Guinness was filming this movie he was reading a script he recently received from a little known director named George Lucas. That movie, Star Wars. 


4. When Harry Met Sally:  

This movie has to be one of the most popular rom coms ever made. While it does go through multiple seasons, the fall foliage ones are amazingly beautiful. The true quest of the movie is debating the question if men and women can truly be just friends without becoming romantically involved. I love Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal in this movie. Their chemistry together is superb and of course the New York backdrop fits in perfectly as well.  


5. Bell, Book, And Candle:  

Kim Novak entrances in this film with her hypnotic eyes that cast a romantic spell. If you like witches, this one is for you. This movie actually inspired the beloved television classic Bewitched starring Elizabeth Montgomery. Kim plays a modern day witch living in a New York apartment when a handsome gentleman, Jimmy Stewart, moves into the apartment above her.   Jack Lemmon also stars as Kim’s brother with magical powers as well. 


6. The Birds:  

Another Hitchcock classic (aren’t they all?!) that takes a look at what happens when birds decide they’ve had enough and start attacking people. Rod Taylor and Tippi Hedren star in this masterpiece where survival becomes the priority. I love this movie. It’s one of my most watched Hitchcock films and one of my most watched all time films. The tension slowly builds with impending doom for the town and characters involved compounded by the fact the viewers are never given any real answers. Even the end of the film never has the words “The End” written. This was only the beginning of the terror created by our fluffy bird friends. It’s mesmerizing to watch. 



7. Sleepy Hallow

 Sleepy Hallow may be a relatively recent classic, but in my opinion a classic none the less. This stars Johnny Depp as Ichabod Crane in a re-telling of Washington Irving’s classic short story.  This tends to fall more on the scary side with the folklore of the headless horseman terrorizing the townspeople of Sleepy Hallow. I’ve been quite of fan of this story for as long as I can remember. I used to watch the Disney version, The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad and also loved the version from Are You Afraid Of The Dark, The Tale Of The Midnight Ride. One of my favorite shows, Murder She Wrote, also has a Sleepy Hallow tale with The Night Of The Headless Horseman. 


8. Harry Potter And The Sorcerers Stone:  

This is the first Harry Potter movie, based on the books by J. K. Rowling, but any of the Potter films are great for fall time and back to school inspiration. The books and movies are truly magical and incredibly well done. A sense of wonder and excitement always comes with any of the Harry Potter movies. There’s even a bit of fright with the evil that haunts the magical world. Magic literally comes to life in these films and it’s breathtaking to watch. As a long time Harry Potter fan, these film adaptions are above par. 


9. Ghostbusters:  

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! This is one of those smash hit movies that combines the comedic charms of Billy Murray and Dan Aykroyd with spookiness perfectly. Who can forget the Stay Puft Mashmallow Man rampaging through the streets of New York?! The theme songs never gets old either.  


10. Arsenic And Old Lace:   

This Frank Capra Classic is quite a zany and silly one, but one that I watch every single year. Cary Grant stars as Mortimer Brewster who finds out his cooky old aunts are a bit insane. Needless to say, halarity ensues as we unravel just how crazy the whole family may be. Raymond Massey and Peter Lorre also give great performances as a  Borris Karloff look a like and his plastic surgeon doctor. Cary Grant always felt his performance was over the top, but honestly, while very silly, that’s what the part called for! It’s a fun little comedy that will make you smile.


Honorable Mention

Dead Poets Society:

Have you ever had a teacher that inspired you and even changed your life? I’ve had a few college professors that inspired me emensly to the point I could to listen to them talk for hours. This movie, starring Robin Williams as professor John Keating, takes place at an all-boys prep school where he encourages his students to think outside of the box. To pursue their dreams and seize the day. It’s an inspiring and uplifting film, with some sad tones, but a remarkable ending. 


The Trouble With Harry:


The Birds: amazon.con

When Harry Met Sally:

Belle, Book, And Candle:

Sleepy Hallow:

Harry Potter And The Sorcerers Stone:


Murder By Death:

Dead Poets Society:

xo, Amanda  

Glow From The Inside Out


Hum Nutrition Glow Sweet Glow Vitamins c/o || Hum Nutrition Collagen POP c/o || Coola Organic SPF 30 Makeup Setting Spray c/o || Coola SPF 30 Full Soectrum 360 Sun Silk Drops c/o || Blush Tulle Sweatshirt || Jeans || Crystal Link Bracelet || 

Happy Friday, friends! Sun protection and skincare are two very important things that I take quite seriously. I mean, who doesn't want to have glowing fresh skin that looks youthful and dewy?? It starts with good nutrition and wearing your sunscreen. Skin cancer runs on both sides of my family too so it’s no joke for me. 

Im a big fan of gummy vitamins and use them daily. These Glow Sweet Glow from Hum literally taste like candy! They have a tangerine flavor and I look forward to taking them every morning. You take two heart shaped gummies each day, seeing results in about 4-6 weeks. The key ingredients are low molecular hyaluronic acid (helps keep moisture in the skin!), Amal Fruit (Vitamin C), and Vitamin E. They also stimulate collagen production! Along the same lines is the Collagen POP from Hum. As you can guess, this boosts collagen levels and locks in skin moisture. You dissolve one tablet in 8oz of water and drink your way to better skin. The tablets have a rose and lemon flavor, super yummy tasting! The key ingredients are Premium Marine Collagen and Vitamin C. 

 One of the most important things we can do for our skin is wear sunscreen daily, no matter the time of the year. I rely on many of my beauty products containing SPF to get my daily dose for my face, but reapplication becomes an issue then. How to apply over makeup? Coola came up with an easy solution in their SPF 30 Makeup Setting Spray. A few mists of the organic spray and you’re set! You can spray throughout the day to re-fresh and get the sun protection all without ruining your makeup. It’s a genius idea and makes on the go sun protection a breeze.

Another way to get your daily dose of full spectrum 360 protection from the sun, environmental toxins and digital exposure is with Coola’s Sun Silk Drops. You apply them after cleansing or mixed in with face lotion or makeup. These drops are for anyone who uses a cell phone, computer, or TV. Digital rays can do serious damage just like the sun. This organic liquid lotion feels light as air, has a golden color, and helps defend against UVA, UVB, IR, and HEV/Blue Light. I was really surprised about the damage digital rays emitted by computers, televisions, and cell phones have on our skin causing premature aging and inducing a skin hyper pigmentation more pronounced than UVB and similar to UVAA. Blue light rays penetrate more deeply into the layers of the skin than UV rays can accelerating skin aging.  


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xo, Amanda  

Not Your Basic Blue

Julie Brown NYC Blue Dress c/o || Julie Brown NYC Blue Embellished Coat c/o || Mint Shoes (Old Zara, Similar) ||  Circle Clutch (TJMaxx, Similar Here) || Crystal Bracelet || Jackie Kennedy Stud Earrings || Ava’s Top || 


Happy Wednesday, friends! I have to say, I am quite enamored with this dress and embellished coat from Julie Brown NYC. Both pieces provide effortless elegance and a classic sophistication. The sleeveless dress is made with a heavy quality fabric and it has pockets! The coat has three dazzling embellishments that look like broaches and stand out beautifully agsinst the navy background. My jaw dropped open when I saw the coat! The embellishments over the buttons make this coat stand out from the rest. Don’t put all of your summer accessories away just yet either! While mint may be thought of more so in the spring, it worked perfectly for this fall ensemble. I truly felt like Jackie Kennedy while wearing these pieces. They are absolutely breathtaking together! 


xo, Amanda  

Sunday Best In September


Green Waterfall Dress c/o || Melie Bianco Bag (Old, Similar) || Jackie Kennedy Emerald Earrings || Crystal Link Bracelet || Tweed Bow Shoes || 

Good morning and happy Tuesday, friends! Welcome to September as well!! I hope everyone had a lovely Labor Day weekend. Summer’s last hurrah was well spent in my neck of the woods. My family and I had our traditional cookout, got some sale shopping in, spent time at the lake, and went to Jim Thorpe for some outdoor activities and strolling around town. I was impressed with the one coffee shop there called Muggles Mug. The theme throughout is Harry Potter (along with rock music) and even the drinks are Harry Potter themed! I got the butterbeer latte, which was butterscotch flavored and oh so delicious! A definite must for any Potter fan. It was overall a fantastic holiday weekend spent with loved ones. 

A few days ago I spotted this beautiful field filled with goldenrod and sunshine. It instantly reminded me of fall! It was the perfect backdrop for some close up photos of this green waterfall dress. September’s weather can be all over the place, especially in the beginning when the temperature’s still on the warmer side. This weekend was a perfect example with some days being in the high 60s and then some being in the high 80s approaching 90s. On the warmer days, I like to wear autumn hues and details in my look, while still being able to keep cool in lighter fabrics like this dress. It’s runs true to size and works wonderfully as an evening dress or for your Sunday best! 

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xo, Amanda  

End Of Summer Romance


Ruffle Wrap Dress (On Major Sale!) || Similar Blush Sandals || Réna Iman Blush Leather Clutch c/o || Chloe And Isabel Earrings (Old) c/o || Necklace (Old, My Mom’s) || 

Happy Friday, friends! Today I’m very honored to introduce a brand I’ve only just found out about, Réna Iman. This classic blush clutch, with a customized tag featuring Ava’s birthstone, provides that beautiful  personal touch and is made of the highest quality leather inside and out. What really makes this brand quite special is how their handcrafted timeless pieces go on to support stopping violence against women one unique story at a time. A portion of every purchase is donated to the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance and the Joyful Heart Foundation. 

 It’s hard to believe this is the last official meteorological day of summer. It truly did fly by in the blink of an eye as summer usually tends to do. The first calendar day of fall is September 22, but meteorologically it starts on September 1st. There’s still plenty of warm weather left though making this romantic wrap dress an absolute must! It’s on sale now for only $15 too. It’s light and airy with the most beautiful ruffles and watercolor print. There’s also a black and a rose version as well. I love how it flows and all of the feminine details making me feel at my very best. 

I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend! We’re planning some outdoor activities and of course a fireworks show. Cheers!!

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xo, Amanda  


Olive Bow Skirt


Olive Bow Skirt c/o || Chambray Top || Sandals || Kate Spade Bag (Similar KS Here) || Sunglasses || Jackie Kennedy Royal Egg Bracelet || 

Good morning, friends! While my love for dresses knows no bounds and I do find them to be an easy creation of the perfect outfit, I also have quite an affinity for skirts. Their versatility and creativity make them a fun alternative to the all in one outfit. This olive bow skirt is one of those pieces that captures the feel of fall and seamlessly works with a variety of styles. Imagine the skirt with a black and white striped top, leopard pumps, and a mustard bag. Or how about a creamy white sweater, navy coat and bag, and cognac boots. Even a simple white or black tee with some flats (in a pop of color!) would look great. Also, POCKETS!! Anytime I see pockets on a dress or skirt ~swoon~ I’m sold! I went with a chambray top that is soooo comfy and soft. They are some of the best button down shirts that I own. Also, a cognac bag (my go-to for fall) and some strappy sandals

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xo, Amanda  

Flirty Floral Dress


Floral Dress c/o || White Heels || Blush Kate Spade Bag (Similar KS Here) || Karen Walker Sunglasses || Jackie Kennedy Stud Earrings || 

Happy Wednesday, friends! This is one of those dresses that works well in both the spring and the fall. It’s light enough for the warm days, but the longer sleeves feel nice during the cooler mornings and evenings. There is a tie neck, which I love!, but it does blend in with the rest of the dress making it hard to see in these photos. The dark floral print feels appropriate for fall and is how I transition my year long love for florals into the new season. This floral print pops nicely against the navy background as well!

While I cannot wait to wear, and have already worn some of the richer shades for fall, I still like to incorporate my love for pastels, especially blush, into the season where burgundy, olive, pumpkin, and mustard reign supreme. I tend to use blush as a neutral, but you’d be surprised how well it pairs with just about any color. The blush bag and white heels lighten the darker look making it great for the in-between season.

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xo, Amanda  

Pearly Perfection


Pearl Dress c/o || Similar Rose Gold Sandals || Similar Gold Clutch || Pearl Bracelet || 

Good morning and happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Honestly, mine started off being very stressful, but thankfully my family stepped in and all of us ended up having a terrific time together. A few highlights were some local festivities including a peach festival and an arts/craftshow at the local penn state campus. 

This pearl embellished dress from Chicwish is the embodiment of old Hollywood glamour. I wanted the look to have a retro glam feel with pearl jewelry, warm golden accessories, and a simple twisted roll up-do. I love the simple elegance of the whole ensemble. Classic, understated, and a total showstopper. This dress got quite a few complements while I was out as well! The dress runs true to size. 

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xo, Amanda 

Your Updated Weekend Look


Pink Blazer || White Button Down || Circle Bag || Blush Bow Flats || Boot Crop Jeans || Pixie Stud Earrings ||  

Happy Friday, friends! Did anyone happen to watch the two night ABC special of The Story Of The Royals?? It was SO good!!! I mean, what a riviting emotional rollercoaster. I especially love how they wove pop culture into the story too. I’ve always been fascinated by the Royals and this was truly one of the best documentaries I’ve seen on them. They even had a whole section devoted to JFK and Jackie, which was of course extra special for me. Obviously, the parts with Princess Diana, Kate and Meghan were highlights as well. 

 I always strive for my weekend looks to have a classic elegant feel to them. Simple and polished with a relaxed feel. I wore this outfit recently when I went to go see The Spy a whole Dumped Me. It was the perfect movie going look. Something I could be comfortable in, while the blazer added extra warmth in case the theater got chilly. An update from my usual skinny jean is this cropped boot cut version. I was hesitant at first, but actually fell in love with them. I would have liked to have gotten a petite size, but these sold out quickly in a sale. I instead opted for the regular length in my normal size. Seeing as how they’re cropped, the regular length fit me like an ankle style. 

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!  

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xo, Amanda  

Fall Colors With M.Gemi


Burgundy Bow Sweater || Corduroy Skirt || M. Gemi Loafers c/o (Use Code AMANDAB40 for 40% off your order!) || Similar Bag || Mom Bracelet || 

God morning, everyone! This was the outfit I wore to see Crazy Rich Asians a few days ago and it was perfect for the weather. We’ve been having some cooler days and even cooler nights, which is odd since I’ve always assoaciated August with ghastly heat, but i’ll definitely take the cool break! A light knit sweater and skirt felt comfortably cozy for the evenings events. The bow-neck on the sweater is beyond cute and adds the sweetest feminine touch. I’m in love with the wine shade too. The color will carry you through fall and winter. I have a jacket in the same shade and wore it almost every day last year. There’s also a gray and white version of the sweater. The corduroy mini skirt is a beautiful shade of warm cognac, perfect for mixing with all of autumn’s amazing hues. Last but not least, these driving moccasins from M.Gemi. The shade I’m wearing is grape. Another color that will seamlessly carry into fall. These are one of their staple pieces and I can definitely see why. They’re a true moccasin construction being stitched together by hand in Italy from a single piece of leather. They feel snug at first, but will stretch to fit perfectly on your foot. The leather is nice and soft too. 

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xo, Amanda  

August Glossybox


August Glossybox c/o || Striped Dress || Sandals ||  

Good morning and happy Wednesday! This newest Glossybox for August is actually the companion one to July, both with beachy summer themes. Summer days are starting to fade away leaving us to soak up every last bit of the sun filled season that we possibly can. Luckily, the beach-themed products will easily last you past the final summer sunset and into the cool golden days of fall. Check out below to see what’s included! 

VDL Limilayer Primer Fresh: This Primer gives you a radiance that lasts from morning until night. Unlike ordinary primers, this one not only preps your face for makeup, it actually illuminates your face and highlights your features.

Grow Gorgeous Haircare: Natural ingredients and a blend of minerals exfoliate the scalp, which helps create the perfect environment for your hair to grow into the lustrous locks you deserve. 

NCLA Nail Laquer In I Been Drinkin’: This gorgeous watermelon pink nail polish is perfect to brighten up even the rainiest summer days and trust me, we’ve had plenty of them! 

Setz Blot + Translucent Powder:  The silky powder not only helps blot away excess oil but it locks in your makeup for a lasting look 

Monu Eye Cool Gel: Ginseng, Vitamin C, Arnica, and Sodium Hyalironate helps lift, plump, and correct your skin tone so you look flawless all-day long. 

Reb Clean Skincare:  This light serum instantly lifts and firms skin to leave you looking dramatically more youthful. A gentle massage of 2-3 drops will help produce new elastin to fight the anting protein in your face, which causes sagging and wrinkling. 



xo, Amanda 

Forest Green Dress


Forest Green Ruffle Dress c/o || Similar Yellow Sandals || Similar Leopard Clutch || Karen Walker Sunglasses || Jackie Kennedy Emerald Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet || 

Good morning, friends! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I did some antiquing with my dad and also went to see The Spy Who Dumped Me and Crazy Rich Asians. Both were so good and funny! I’m a big fan of Sam Heughan from Outlander and wanted to see him in Spy. Swoon worthy as always! Believe the hype about Crazy Rich Asians too. I left the theater with a big smile on my face. 

Its that time of year again where I start thinking about fall and slowly transitioning my wardrobe over for the crisp days ahead. Though the coolness isn’t quite there yet, I like to start incorporating deeper colors and richer fabrics. This dress from Julie Brown NYC is perfect for this time of the year with its deep forest green color and sleeveless style. It’s lightweight enough for warmer days, but the color and fabric have me thinking of fall. The beautiful mums set the mood perfectly too!  


xo, Amanda  

Ava’s Garden


Good morning and a very happy Friday, friends! This post has been three months in the making and I couldn’t wait to share it with everyone. This year, my dad and I finally got the garden back into shape that my late husband and I had started when we were married. It was something we both loved to work on, though back in the day we had only grown vegetables. We loved seeing the veggies grow and then use them in our cooking and salads. This year, I decided to use half of the garden for flowers and the other half for vegetables. 

Ava was excited with the mention of getting the garden going and then being able to watch all of her hard work come to fruition. She helped my dad and I plant all of the initial flowers and vegetables and then would help me water them each night. In July, Ava decorated a Peppa Pig stone we found at Target and placed in the garden on the vegetable side. Her first harvest came towards the end of July with some kale, squash, and a pepper. About one week ago, all of the wild flowers we planted were finally ready to be cut and put into vases. Her second harvest was just yesterday. 

 Having a garden is a fantastic idea if you have kids. It teaches them the rewards of hard work and also gets them outdoors. It’s pretty much a win-win situation for everyone involved! Each time I use one of the vegetables from the garden, I make sure to tell Ava that she grew it. That all of her hard work paid off. She loves to look at the flowers in their vases and say, “oh they’re so pretty” when she sees them. 

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! Cheers!!  

xo, Amanda  

The Coastal Look

Pineapple Stripe Top || Nantucket Reds  || Similar Wedges || Sunglasses || Arc Bag || Earrings || Pearl And Anchor Bracelet || DW Watch c/o || 

Good morning, friends! Ever since visiting Nantucket back in 2014, I’ve been on the search for the perfect pair of Nantucket Reds to add to my coastal New England attire. I came across these at J. Crew Factory and was instantly smitten with them. Everything from the color, length, and fit was exactly what I had been searching for. The color pairs very well with navy blue, white, light blue, and stripes. The most common color seen with Nantucket Reds is navy blue. I went with blue and white stripes with the cutest pineapple print. I’m especially loving the little pop of yellow gold the pineapples give. It’s no surprise that my favorite guy, JFK, sported Nantucket Red as well. I mean, he did live on Cape Cod after all. 

 Nantucket Reds are typically worn in place of khakis or chinos and are found most commonly on Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, and Cape Cod. The official Reds are produced and distributed by Murray’s Tuggary Shop located on Main Street on Nantucket Island. 


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xo, Amanda  

Delicate Leaf Studs


 Similar Yellow Top || LC Lauren Conrad Sail Boat Skirt (Old, Similar) || Humble Chic Leaf Stud Earrings c/o || Rattan Bag || Sandals || 

Good morning, friends! For my everyday looks I typically gravitate towards delicate jewelry. I like how they’re pieces that will work with a variety of outfits and even from day to night without missing a beat. These leaf branch stud earrings, inspired by nature, are truly dainty and delicate and come in sterling silver, yellow gold, and rose gold. Today only, August 15th, you can get 50% off these earrings (any color!) with the code AMANDALEAF! 

xo, Amanda  

Mommy & Me // Dreamy Tulle Skirt


Layered Tulle Skirt c/o || Polka Dot Top || Similar Polka Dot Heels || Mom Bracelet || Jackie Kennedy Pearl Drop Earrings || Kate Spade Bag (Old, Similar Here) || Ava’s Tulle Skirt c/o|| Ava’s Polka Dot Top ||  Ava’s Clutch, Old, Betsy Johnson || 

Good Morning and happy Monday! This has to be one of my favorite Mommy & Me outfits to date! This pink layered tulle skirt has been on my Chicwish wishlist for quite some time now. It’s whimsically romantic and the prettiest shade of blush. This skirt has a magical quality to it. It really does! It’s one of those pieces that can make you feel at your best. It can set the mood for the entire day. Doesn’t the skirt remind you of Carrie Bradshaw in the opening of Sex And The City too?? There is a new black style that was just released as well. When I saw there was a matching skirt for the little ones, I knew this would be perfect for my little mini me and I. Ava and I felt like princesses and everyone that saw us stopped to say how much they loved our outfits. It’s was the coolest day! We danced and twirled all while laughing and having a good time. Kisses and hugs included <3 I’m wearing an XS/Small and Ava is in a 3-4 year. 


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xo, Amanda