Travel Log

My Family Trip to Cape Cod 2014

There are few places I love more to be in than Cape Cod. Specifically the charming town of Hyannis. Now if the name sounds familiar to you, most likely you know it because the Kennedy family lived in Hyannis Port, which is about two miles down the road from where our hotel was. Each town has their own appeal with little main streets, fantastic places to eat, and incredible sites to see including light houses, beaches, vineyards, museums, and so much more! I feel the most at peace and relaxed while I'm there. Last year my dad and I traveled to Hyannis so we could experience all things JFK. Being a big fan and admirer, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and hoped to get back to indulge in all of the wonderful sites we had yet to see. Luckily, we decided to once again travel to Cape Cod this year and finish off some items from the bucket list created in preparation for last years trip. My brother Michael joined us on the 2014 voyage to Hyannis and I was so happy he could experience this with us. Everyone should go to Cape Cod at least once in their life time. Some highlights from the trip include:

  • The JFK Museum
  • Nantucket
  • Being out on the open waters to travel to Nantucket
  • Celebrating my birthday, which also happens to be the same day as JFK's birthday!, in and around his hometown
  • Nauset beach and the lighthouse (this lighthouse is on the Cape Cod potato chip bag)
  • Seeing the Kennedy Compound up close in person
  • Seeing JFK and Jackie's house from street level
  • Climbing to the top of the Highland Lighthouse
  • The Truro Vineyard
  • The Chatham Lighthouse
  • Eating at Columbo's, The Chatham Squire, Moby Dick's, The Black Cat, and The Dockside
  • Finally, the hotel itself will always hold a special place in my heart. Having tea in the library, the amazing view from out deck of the harbor, having breakfast in the library and gazing across the harbor, and most of all, sitting by the fire pit in adirondack chairs, sipping on some beer while reminiscing about life and looking upon the ships entering and leaving the harbor.
I always go to Hyannisport to be revived, to know again the power of the sea and the Master who rules over it and all of us.”
— John F. Kennedy