Flower Power

Flower Arranging Tips

The earth laughs in flowers
— Ralph Waldo Emerson
arranging flowers

Nothing beats having fresh flowers in your home. The bright colors and fragrant smells remind me of what such beauty there is in this world. Bringing fresh flowers into your home will no doubt brighten up your mood. While filling your home with fresh flowers can be costly, one trick I've learned is to buy bunches of inexpensive flowers, separate them all out, and then make my own small arrangements in pretty vases. So now you have the small arrangements chosen for each vase. Another trick I've learned is to take clear tape and make a grid pattern at the opening home of the vase. Think like a tic-tac-toe game. After creating the grid and cutting the stems to the appropriate length, place each flower within each little square until you can no longer see the clear tape. This way the flowers stay upright and do not fall over. Think outside of the box too with your vases. Why not try a bowl (cut the stems short for this), a teacup, or even a mason jar?