Good Reads

Summer Edition

Summer time reading

I always have a beautiful vision of relaxing in the summer sun with a warm breeze blowing, the birds chirping, and a cool beverage in my one hand with a fascinating book in my other. Whether in my backyard, by the sea, or poolside, a summer read should give the opportunity to sit back and relax for a little while.  I always  find myself becoming busier during the warmer months, so knowing I can have a few moments to take a breather and become immersed into another world seems to good to resist.

Some books on my reading list are as follows:

  • These Few Precious Days by Christopher Andrews. This book tells of the final year of John and Jackie Kennedy before the assassination occurred. Being the huge Kennedy fan that I am, this climbed to the top of my list as a must read. Rare, behind-the-scenes moments, detailing their tender and complex love story like never seen before.
  • Marilyn Monroe The Finals Years by Keith Badman. Detailing the last two years of her life, while setting the record straight on all of the rumors that continue to surround America's biggest movie star there ever was.
  • Cutting Teeth by Julia Fierro. A group of 30 somethings meet at a beach house over a summer weekend. This book was named one of the "30 must reads of 2014" by the Huffington Post. Sounds good to me!
  • Gone Girl By Gillian Flynn. I've been wanting to read this for a while after hearing so many good things about it. Especially now that the book is set to hit theaters towards the end of the year, I want to read up on it before actually seeing the movie.
  • Insurgent by Veronica Roth. Book number two in the Divergent series, this sequel picks up with Tris who must continue to fight for the ones she loves and deal with the oncoming war ahead. After seeing the movie "Divergent" in theaters, I instantly liked the story and knew this series would become something big similar to The Hunger Games.
Summer time reading