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Sailor Cleansing Oil || No Poreblem Primer c/o || Jafra Beauty Highlighter Stick c/o || 


No Poreblem Primer c/o || Jafra Beauty Highlighter Stick c/o ||

Happy Easter Monday! Today Iโ€™m highlighting some of my favorite beauty products Iโ€™ve been using over the past couple of months. Almost all of these products are ones I tried on my own, only four of them being sent to me to try out, but I ended up loving them so much and kept them as a part of my daily routine. Many of these started out as products I wanted to try based on what they promised to do and how yummy or beautiful they smelled. What can I say, how something smells is a big part of it! I can tell you every single one of these products delivered on their promises and make either my morning, nighttime, or relaxing bath time much more enjoyable.

Speaking of the bath, Iโ€™m obsessed with all of Dr. Teals products for the bath. The pink Himalayan being my favorite scent. I keep multiples of these on hand at all times. Before my bath or shower, Iโ€™ll use Sailors Face Oil to take off my makeup and cleanse my skin. Itโ€™s so relaxing to use and works very well leaving my skin clean without the tightness soap can give. You can also add a few drops of the oil to your favorite moisturizer. I also love their deep blue face moisturizer, which smells like fruity pebbles! Itโ€™s lightweight and doesnโ€™t leave any greasy residue behind. Of course, the nautical theme is what caught my eye to begin with. Their products use ingredients found in the ocean, which I love. I also use the Pixi face mask during my bath once or twice a week. These masks are AMAZING. My skin literally glows after using these. Iโ€™m beyond impressed. Another product that has me under its spell is Dr. Botanicals Moroccan Rose Oil. This smells like rose candy. I use four drops for my face and neck both morning and night. Itโ€™s been an game changer giving my skin the right amount of moisturize and actually gives me this beautiful glow. Iโ€™ve already ordered my second bottle!

Soap And Glory and Love Beauty And Planet both have amazing body products for in the bath/shower and after you get out. I love using the Murmuru Butter And Rose Body Lotion at night. This smells sooo yummy and gives me skin a little shimmer. Itโ€™s so beautiful. In the morning I love using Paradise Glossed Body Oil, which has a yummy fruity smell reminding me of paradise. It goes on light and leaves my skin glowing. The retro print also gives me the biggest thrill! 

As far as hair goes, thereโ€™s a few new favorites here that Iโ€™ve incorporated into my routine and also Avaโ€™s. She loves the Cake products because they smell like vanilla icing and strawberry lemonade. Sheโ€™s a scent girl too! I found both the hairspray and wave maker at Rite Aid. The hairspray and hair oil from Kristin Ess work exceptionally well. The hairspray locks my hair into place and also gives it this subtle shine. Now, this does not have a delicious smell or anything, it just WORKS. The hair serum I like because you can use it anywhere on both wet and dry hair. It does not make my hair look oily rather giving it moisture on the ends and making them look healthy. The shampoo and conditioner from Love Beauty And Plant leave my hair feeling so lightweight and bouncy. Thereโ€™s not other way to describe it, my hair literally feels so lightweight. They both smell amazing too. I still use my MoroccanOil hair products as well, usually rotating between these. The MoroccanOil Oil Treatment cannot be beat. Iโ€™ve been using it for quite a while now and can not find anything that comes close to it.

I look forward to using these products every single day. Let me know if you try any of them and what you think! 

xo, Amanda