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Good morning, friends! If you’re like me, then coffee is a big part of your daily routine. I actually drink green tea in the morning and then make some coffee for a pick me up in the afternoon. Recently I started using a French Press to make my coffee. Personally, this is a great option since I only drink one or two cups at the most. Typically with a French Press you only want to make the exact amount you’ll be drinking without any leftover. Think “of the moment”. It’s a very romantic idea! Leaving the coffee in the grounds will only make it bitter when you go to re-heat it. 

In most other countries this is called “Cafetiere coffee” while in America we refer to it as French Press. I remember the first time I ever had French Pressed coffee was in a local organic restaurant. They used sweetened condensed milk in it too and it was absolutely delicious! There are many different styles of French Presses out there and at different price points. Some of them are included below! They all look incredibly chic too. The steps to making a fresh cup are faily simple. 

  • First, you want to heat your water. I use an electric tea kettle.  
  • Next, use the scoop included with the pot to put in the amount of coffee grinds you’ll be using. I always do one scoop per each cup of water. I use New England coffee brand. I almost always get the blueberry flavor! After that, measure out the amount of water you’ll be using and pour that into the pot. Sometimes I put the water in first and then the coffee. Either way is fine. 
  • Stir everything together and let brew for four minutes.  
  • Place the Press into the pot and slowly press down until you reach the bottom. Make sure the lid is turned to where the spout is facing out.  
  • Lastly, pour your coffee and enjoy!  

If you do end up making more coffee than you can drink at the moment, try pouring the coffee out into another container for later so it does not get bitter sitting in the grounds.   

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xo, Amanda