Winter Coats

Stylishly Staying Warm

Pop of Red
Winter White
winter vest
houndstooth coat
Plaid Peacoat

One of the most important parts of a winter wardrobe is the coat you wear. When trying to stay warm in the chilly temperatures outside, all people will see you in is your coat. I've acquired a few different ones over the years and wanted to share some of them here.

To start with is my camel coat from Victoria's Secret. It seamlessly goes with everything because of its neutral color and fabulously cinches in the waist with its belt. It's my favorite coat by far and the one I wear the most.  The next one is my mother's white Icelandic wool coat that comes with a hood, gloves, and scarf. It's a long coat reaching down to my ankles and probably the warmest coat I've ever worn. The Polar Vortex has nothing on me while I'm snuggled in this beautiful coat. Next are for when the temperatures are a bit warmer and you can get away with just a sweatshirt and vest. The blue vest, with an interior sweater liner, is from Sarah Jessica Parker's old line Bitten for Steve and Berry's. Remember that store?! The blue puffer vest lends a chic way to stay warm while foregoing a heavy jacket. My next style, also from SJP's Bitten line, is a black and white hounds tooth coat with the perfect pop of red leather gloves. I wear these gloves all the time since they bring such a brilliant color to the wintery white backdrop. My last jacket is from American Eagle and one that I wore mostly in college. It is a blue plaid pea-coat that is perfect for any sporty type of event such as hiking in the woods or cutting down that Christmas tree.