Travel Log

Valley Forge

For the past few years my dad and I have been making a mini vacation out of his seminars for work. He usually goes to the Valley Forge one, to my delight, and we always have a great time. While he's at the seminars, I'll go to the King of Prussia Mall or go down to Valley Forge to walk around. This year, we had the Silver Beaver awards dinner while we were in Valley Forge, so we had to make a trip back up home and then back down in the same day. We always get out to eat once or twice on the trip. This year and last we went to Creed's Seafood and Steak. It has a great atmosphere with cozy seating and a menu to rival any big city. I usually get the Scottish Salmon. Our hotel has the best bistro in it, with booths that have tv's built into the walls. Breakfast and sometimes dinner are a must there. The nice thing about Valley Forge in the beginning of November are the leaves still being on the trees. Up in NEPA, most of the leaves are down and any that are still hanging on have lost their brilliance. I have so many memories of Valley Forge and the general area surrounding it, whether it be from these trips or when I lived there for a few months, this area will always have a special place in my heart.