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Raspberry and Lime Chai Pudding Parfait  


Coconut Tortilla Chips and Salsa  (This recipe I made up myself)

Tomatoes, Cilantro, Olive Oil, Lime Juice, Onions, Salt and Pepper.


Fresh Celery Juice  16oz on an empty stomach (wait 1/2 hour to eat)


Black Bean Humus


Pumpkin Pie Pancakes  


Honey Berries  


 Wild Blueberry Pancakes


Good morning dear friends and happy Monday! I’ve always been one to watch what I eat, though never eliminating anything from my diet. Eating healthy has always been important to me, but I would never “diet” or exclude food, only keeping the “bad” food in moderation. I recently came across The Medical Medium’s Instagram account through Selma Blair, who was recently diagnosed with MS, the illness my mom bravely fought for 16 years. She was showcasing her morning celery juice, which is the cornerstone of the Medical Medium’s healthy lifestyle. Celery juice is taking the world by storm! Read more about it here.

Always curious about eating the best I can, I spent a few hours reading through Anthony’s blog posts, Instagram posts, and testimony from readers of his books all over the the world. There’s a wealth of information, and I highly encourage you to read through some of it, but these are the key points:

  • No dairy (I drink Almond Milk)

  • No eggs

  • No corn

  • No canola oil

  • No soy

  • No gluten

Eating only fresh foods from the earth, and either limiting or completely eliminating processed foods, will have a tremendous impact on your health and overall well being. Eating this way should eliminate the heavy metals, toxins, parasites, and virus’s, living within the body. The goal is to cleanse and heal the liver, thyroid, and gut of these. I do use some processed foods, though they all follow the guidelines above and are organic like the Coconut Tortilla Chips I have with the salsa. Wegman’s has their Marketplace section, which is amazing for finding healthy snacks and foods. Below are some of the snacks I found at Wegmans. The Hippeas are from Target.


I started with the celery juice, 16oz of fresh celery juice each morning on a empty stomach and then waiting half of an hour before eating. Read more about how celery juice heals HERE. It’s all about their mineral salts reducing inflammation and neurotoxins! I feel extremely energized, calm, and alert after starting about 3 weeks ago. I do not need to have coffee anymore either! Overall, after starting to eat cleaner, I have less digestive issues (bloating, burping,) and feel more alive than ever. I was also starting to experience some neuropathy type issues along with muscle soreness in my legs, which has also disappeared as well. My brother jokingly calls this my dirt diet, though he’s not completely incorrect, haha.


The above photos are just some of the recipes I’ve tried (and loved) over the last few weeks. I also eat a ton of fruit and vegetables throughout the day. After my celery juice, I have a bowl of the berries with honey and a green tea. I then eat an apple and a banana followed by a small bowl of raspberries and a cutie (orange). The raspberries and tangerine “help prevent the calcium loss that can occur as the thyroid virus forces the body to use its calcium stores to wall off the virus in nodules and cysts, both in the thyroid itself and throughout the body. Help prevent osteoporosis.” At lunchtime, I have coconut water with a salad I made up of organic spinach, hearts of romaine lettuce, broccoli sprouts, cilantro, cucumber slices, nut cheese (Parmela Creamery found at Wegmans), and fajita chicken (I make a batch of this a head of time and save for my salads throughout the week.) I’ll also make cucumber juice to have along with some more fruit to snack on (cantaloupe, watermelon, carrots, zucchini spears, kale chips (2tbs eevo tossed with some fresh kale, salt and pepper, bake for 10 mins) kiwis, grapes, strawberries). I’ll also snack on some baby carrots and the black bean hummus or I’ll make guacamole or the fresh salsa. Dinner is really a toss up and different everyday, but my morning breakfast, lunch, and snacks are pretty much the same everyday. The pancakes for dinner is always fun or zucchini pasta, salmon and veggies (mushrooms, brussel sprouts, red peppers), seasoned chicken, or even a soup. Sometimes I’ll make the parfait for dinner and it’s soooo filling!

Anothy also has kids recipes available, thank goodness! Kids are notoriously picky eaters, especially with health food, but I’ve always been very lucky with Ava. She eats a lot of fruit and some vegetables throughout the day anyway. Shes also a big fan of the pancakes, parfait, and the healthy snacks we found at Wegmans and Target. Kid approved! 



xo, Amanda