New Year, New You

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Good morning and happy Tuesday, friends! Today is all about starting fresh, staying on track, and sleeping clean. Healthy habits start within and the new year is one of the best times to create a regimen that will keep you happy and healthy inside and out. 

The Hum Daily Cleanse capsules use botanicals to give a deep detox of the skin, liver, bowel, kindneys, lungs, and lymphatic system. Clear skin starts from within!

The Hum Flatter Me capsules help keep your stomach flat! They are formulated to optimize protein, carb, fiber and fat breakdown and to help with nutrient absorption, relief from indigestion and bloating.

The Hum Gut Instinct vegan capsules are packed with 25 billion friendly organisms to help boost the immune system and fortify skin against aging and breakouts. 

Cocofloss is not your everyday run of the mill floss! It contains coconut oil (a natural antimocrobial) to help soothe gums, while textured fibers scrub away all thatโ€™s left behind. Plus, theyโ€™re flavored! 

The Port And Polish Pillbox has a soft matte finish and a clean design, available in five different colors. These are designed to look as good at brunch as they are in your kitchen or on your nightstand.  

Skin Laundyโ€™s Foaming Face Wash features soothing cucumber and chamomile while effectively washes away excess oils and impurities without drying the skin. Plus, it smells like fresh linens!  

xo, Amanda