Sound Sleep Cocoon


Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon c/o || Floral PJ Set c/o (Use the code AmandaZOV20 for 20% off!) || 

Good morning, friends! Today I’m excited to talk about a new transformative night gel-cream from Dermalogica called Sound Sleep Cocoon. I’ve been using mine for about one month and feel confident to talk about the results I’ve seen. I always put the Sound Sleep Cocoon on as my last step for the night followed by spritzing a lavender-vanilla most on my pillows to help me sleep. 

Now, let’s talk a little bit about skin in genreal. It’s actually nocturnal! It regenerates and repairs itself at night while you sleep. The maximum nighttime skin repairs occurs between 9pm until midnight. In our busy world, not all of us get enough sleep though, yours truly included. For all of the nights when you don’t get enough rest, the Sound Sleep Cocoon is here to help by promoting skin repair so you can wake up with glowing skin by morning. My skin definitely looks refreshed and feels very soft by morning. 

The key ingredients in the gel-cream are Persian silk tree extract, which provides antioxidant protection, reduces the signs of fatigue and brightens tired skin. The next ingredient is quite-shy-ya fruit extract. This promotes a refined, even skin texture and illuminates dull skin, visibly increasing radiance by morning. Lastly, the motion-activated lavender oil is released throughout the night as you toss and turn helping you Sleep even in restless nights. The lavender is so soothing to the senses. I love putting this gel-cream on and immediately smelling the soothing scent. It’s not overwhelming, but pleasently in the background. 


xo, Amanda