Floral PJs And Robe


 Floral PJ Set c/o || Floral Robe c/o || 

Good morning, everyone! I thought it would be fun to talk about my general morning routine since I’m wearing my pjs and robe today. Both pieces are beyond beautiful for spring and reminded me of cherry blossoms when I saw them. I’m wearing a size Medium in the pjs and the robe is a one size fits all. The pjs are silky smooth while the robe is sooooo cozy to wrap up in! Ava loves to feel it too. She always goes, Mom are you cozy? Haha. I was in dire need of a new robe too. The one I wore was very similar with it being a fleece style, but instead of florals it had a red plaid pattern more suited for winter. Anyway, now on to my routine! 

I always wake up and make sure to do some quick stretches to wake my tired muscles up. After that I go through my morning skin care routine and then put makeup on. I’ll go make the bed and tidy up the living room from the night before. If there’s any dishes to be done, I’ll get those washed now too. I then have my breakfast with either coffee of tea depending on my mood that day. This is also when I jot down what errands or plans I have for the day. When I’m finished with breakfast, I go and water some plants throughout the house and check on any fresh flowers to see if they need new water. Sometimes I’ll save the plants for when Ava wakes up and let her go through with her little watering can. She really gets a kick out of it! Right around this time is when Ava will wake up and then it’s time for silly tickles to start her day with a smile!

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xo, Amanda