Get Your Glow On


Dermalogica all c/o || Precleanse || Daily Microfoliant || Phyto Replenish Oil || Hydrablur Primer ||  

Happy Monday, friends! I was recently introduced to a skincare brand I had heard so much about and definitely wanted to give a try. For those of you that do not know, I’ve struggled with acne my entire adult life. Having to deal with this has led me to become very passionate about my skin care routine. It’s very exciting to find a company with products that deliver on their promise and are just as passionate about skin care as I am. After trying these products for about one month, I am truly impressed with each one. My favorite of the four were the daily microfoliant and the phyto replenish oil, which I’ve incorporated into my daily routine. 

The Precleanse is an oil that gently removes everything from waterproof mascara to chewing gum in hair! It removes excess oil without clogging pores. It was very relaxing to massage this oil over my dry face for a minute or two and then add water to emulsify. After using a cleanser, I would the  use the Daily Microfoliant, which I love. My face always does better when I exfoliate it everyday. Many exfoliants are only to be used two to three times a week so it’s definitely a plus that this one is for daily use. It’s a powder that you activate by adding water in your hands to create a creamy paste. It gently smoothed away dulling skin cells for instantly brighter skin! I would end my nightly routine with the Phyto Replensih Oil, a true all star of the group. I use 5-6 drops and then gently press onto my skin. This oil strengthens the skin’s natural barrier to create a luminous antioxidant shield against free-radical damage. The Hydrablur Primer locks in hydration and provides a light, neutral coverage that can be worn alone or under makeup. This primer blues the appearance of fine line and mattifines shine. I honestly am horrible with primers, haha. I forget to put them on in the morning before my foundation, but when I would remember to wear the primer, it did smooth everything out and I didn’t have to use as much foundation as normal. A win in my book! 

xo, Amanda