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Good morning and happy Tuesday, friends! Did everyone stay warm over the weekend? We finally broke the freezing streak of single digits and reached temperatures in the 20s yesterday. You know what, it actually felt warm, which is crazy since it was only in the 20โ€™s! Hey, at this point, iโ€™ll take what I can get! I also went to go see Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which Iโ€™ll get into in a minute. Basically, I am fascinated with this movie. Iโ€™m a long time Star Wars fan, but this specific one really got me excited to watch and dissect it. If you havenโ€™t seen it yet, beware, spoilers are ahead! 

Ive mentioned this numerous times before, but snowy winter wonderlands are my FAVORITE to photograph. The scenery is always so magical with a certain bit of whimsy dancing just upon the surface. This has been my go-to outfit lately when adventuring outdoors. Itโ€™s not only warm with its many layers, but also totally chic! My favorite part is the trapper hat. I mean, how adorable is it?! Iโ€™ve has this one for quite some time now and always grab it when the temperatures plunge. There are so many cute options out right now like this patterned one, this faux fur one, or this quilted one

Ok, now onto my love for the new Star Wars movie. Warning, SPOILERS! I will admit that when The Force Awakens came out in 2015, I had mixed feelings about it. I definitely liked it, but I wasnโ€™t totally sold on the new characters. They did eventually grow on me though. Kylo Ren bothered me the most. I could not believe he was the new Darth Vader. WHAT?!? No way. Vader is one of the coolest cinematic characters in all of film history. Kylo was like this man child who threw tantrums and looked emo. He killed Han Solo, oh my goodness, my eyes bugged out my head when that happened. Nooooo. In any case, I didnโ€™t necessarily like him. I did think his relationship with Rey was interesting though. Not that there was much to go on in TFA, but something was up with them. 

Fast forward two years with TLJ premiering and Iโ€™m giddy as a schoolgirl to go see it. A lot of people did not like this newest addition because it didnโ€™t feel like Star Wars, which, yes and no. The new director, Rain Johnson, did take the movie in a different direction, but I actually liked it. Now, half of the movie was kind of unnecessary and didnโ€™t really move the key parts of the plot forward, namely the whole Finn and Rose casino mascarade, but I like Finn and the visuals were dazzling to see. The big parts of the story were Luke and the palpable chemistry between Kylo and Rey. At first, I didnโ€™t like what they did with Luke. He was cantankerous and looked like grizzly Adams. He wanted to get rid of the Jedi Order and basically just die on the island of Ach-To. Of course, he does come back to help in the end and eventually dies after doing so. Note, no one kills him. He is at peace and has fulfilled his purpose and simply fades away. That is how Jediโ€™s typically pass on. He also did expend a tremendous amount of energy using the force to teleport himself to Crate where the Resistance and the First Order were about to have a showdown thanks to a massive canon. There is a very poignant moment where he looks out to the horizon and sees the two suns setting with John Williams beautiful score playing right before he passes. When we first saw Luke as a young man in A New Hope and he was about to embark on his Jedi journey, he was looking out to the horizon with two setting suns setting and the very same John Williams score playing. It was a full circle moment and beautifully done. 

Now, onto the juiciest part of the movie, which in my opinion was perfectly done. The Kylo (Ben) and Rey relationship. #Reylo until the end! I am shipping so hard on them right now, haha. The chemistry between them is literally off the charts and their โ€œforce chatsโ€ were so believable and filled with raw emotion. They made the simple act of briefly touching hands feel so intimate. Itโ€™s a forbidden romance of course, he is โ€œevilโ€ and she is good. Darkness and light. There is conflict in Kylo though where light still remains. It was nice to see some of his humanity in this film too. That had me looking at him differently and not comparing him to Vader. The Snoke death scene and fight that follows it, OMG!!! The sexiest and best scene in all of Star Wars history. No lie. That was my favorite scene in the whole movie. The way they fight together, perfectly in sync and always checking to make sure the other is alright. The only way for there to be balance in the force is for light and dark to balance one another out. Neither side can prevail, which is what happened in Return Of The Jedi. This fact alone has me hoping that Rey and Kylo can come together in the end, episode IX (2019 release hopefully) and balance everything out. Itโ€™s there, Kylo loves Rey, but Rey loves Ben, who Kylo used to be. His birth name. The good side of him before he turned into Kylo Ren with the dark side. Thereโ€™s a ton of subtlety and innuendos, which is what makes Star Wars great. You have to dissect and look further than what is on the surface. 

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xo, Amanda