Velvet Bows


Good morning and happy Friday!! First off, I hope everyone is staying warm with the extreme cold weather/ blizzard we’re in. Luckily, NEPA was spared the blizzard part, but the temperature is going wayyyyy down to below zero with the wind chill. As Yukon Cornelius said, “it’s not fit for man nor beast out there!” 

 This velvet dress has me reminiscing about the 1930s. The luxurious velvet instantly adds glamour to any outfit. I loved the drape and feel of the dress too. The inside feels silky and absolutely lovely against the skin. The dress has a nice weight to it making it a fantastic option for late fall and winter. How about the beautiful rose color too?! Last, but not least, the gorgeous bows and ruffle details adorning the dress. Any little feminine  detail always gets me. 

Please stay warm and cuddle under a blanket this weekdend! Cheers! 

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xo, Amanda