Snow Day


Good morning and happy new year! Snow pictures are my favorite to take. There’s something quite magical and enchanting about the new fallen snow. It makes a beautiful bright backdrop too. The only downside is the cold, haha. I could certainly do without that. Before you ask, yes, I have heels on in the snow. Nothing new for me, but I wanted to show how I would actually wear this outfit, say for Valentines Day, which is going to be here before you know it! It’s never too early to start planning. On the actual day I took these, it was snowing so  plan B called for some boots to walk through the inches of snow on the ground. In any case, this red dress was the perfect pop of color against the snow. I love the circle style too, hello twirling! This dress is on sale right now for $22. I’m wearing a size small an found it to fit true to size. 


Cheers to 2018!


xo, Amanda