Spring Trends


Sure, some of us are still in the dead of Winter (me included), but why not start thinking about the beautiful Spring season that awaits? Spring trends have already started popping up and I have been searching around for some nice additions to my wardrobe. Spring has always been my favorite season to buy for. There's something about the fresh renewal and bloom going on all round you that makes life feel good. Then again, it could be the sunshine and warmer weather too! Below are some of the top trends for Spring 2015.



Pleats always seem to be in style no matter what year or season it is. It's a style I simply adore and have plenty of in my closet. Pleats feel so feminine to flutter around in.

Blush and Lace:


It's no secret how much I love blush colored outfits, especially ones made out of lace. The romantic quality of lace really has it as a year round fabric, but especially for Spring with its delicate and feminine nature. Equally so, blush seems to be a color worn more throughout the year where as once it was only seen in Spring. Basically put, you can never go wrong with this pale pink color.

A Vivid Trench:

cherry blossoms and green trench

There's nothing like breaking out of the winter doldrums with a bright colored coat to liven up the Spring season ahead. The trench is the perfect Spring accessory by being light enough for the warmer afternoons, but still just enough to keep you warm when the temperatures dip in the morning and evening hours.

Ice Blue:

ice blue

Blue has always been a favorite color of mine and this Spring its icy hue is taking center stage. Pair with with some silver metallic accessory's to keep with the cool feeling.