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Happy Friday everyone! I thought it would be fun to try something new for a change. I wear the same eye makeup all the time. A shell base all over the lid, brown in the crease, liquid black eye liner winged out at the corner, and two coats of brown/black mascara. It's my signature look and if something works for you then stick with it. Every now and then I get the urge to change it up a bit though and the perfect place to try new makeup is the eyes. I really liked this look, especially the light wash for a daytime look. To compliment the eyes, pair a neutral pink lipstick.

morning tea
  1. Apply a gunmetal shadow to your lid, this will make the products we put on later pop that much more.
  2. With a fluffy brush, apply a tangerine color to your crease.
  3. Using that same fluffy brush, apply a charcoal brown shadow into the crease.
  4. Take a flat stiff brush and apply a silver pigment all over your lid.
  5. Take a smaller blending brush and a matte black shadow and apply this on your outer lid and into the crease just a touch.
  6. Taking whatever is left over on that blending brush, run this on your lower lash line, tapering in as we go.
  7. Apply a glitter-y gold shadow (wet it first) to the inner third of your lower lash line. This color is going to play off of the silver really well because it is not too warm of a gold.
  8. Apply a shimmering light gold shadow on the inner corner, but you can totally use a matte color. This is going to attention to your eyes.
  9. Apply a mechanical black gel pencil on your lower lash line.
  10. Apply black mascara and you are good to go!


I decided to go very light with all of the colors since it was day, but for nighttime, see more below!

silver shadow
silver shadow

Eye shadows

Moody Eyes Nighttime Look

smokey eyes
smokey eyes
smokey eyes
smokey eyes

For the nighttime look, follow the same steps as above, but use more pigment instead of a lighter wash. I also added a black shadow eye liner right before the mascara to deepen and intensify the look. Again, I stayed with a neutral pink lip, nothing too harsh since the eyes are the main focus here. My eyes seem to get lost in pictures if I do not have some kind of eye liner on so I felt a little more comfortable with this addition to the look. Have you tried any new beauty looks lately? Remember, it's only makeup so it will wash off at the end of the day. Try something new if only for one day. Have fun!