Travel Log

3 Year Wedding Anniversary to the Finger Lakes

Today marks my three year wedding anniversary and what better way to celebrate than by looking back at some wonderful memories from our trip to the finger lakes a couple weeks ago. Justin and I decided to take our anniversary trip a little early this year and it turned out to be spectacular. The finger lakes have beautiful sweeping landscapes to gaze upon, which comprises of what Justin and I do while visiting. We love to simply drive around and relax while taking in all of the scenery around us. Of course we do visit our favorite winery Bully Hill and stock up on Ravot 51, our favorite wine that has pineapples in it and quite a sweet flavor. Other than that we love to have little picnics around the lakes, do some antique shopping, and try the local cuisine. The golden rod was flourishing and added an Autumn feel to the gorgeous views. Let's not forget the fabulous waterfalls the finger lake region has to offer as well. This year we got to see a new one for us, Ithaca Falls, pictured last. Also, you'll see I made a new little friend while having our picnic. All in all we had a wonderful time with so many memories filled with love. I feel so luck to be married to my best friend.

A quick little history for us, Justin and I took our "mini moon" to the finger lakes the weekend after we were married. I had started a new job and was not able to take any time off. We still wanted to go somewhere to celebrate so we chose a small weekend trip to the finger lakes. We eventually took our big honeymoon trip six months later to Florida, but have always had a special place in our hearts for this New York region. We also took our one year anniversary to the finger lakes and now our three year as well.

This is from our mini moon in 2011

Celebrating our one year anniversary in 2012