Happy May

May Day

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May 1st brings the arrival of May Day, a springtime holiday celebrated with festivals to announce the sign of rebirth. The origin of the holiday dates back to 1886, when workers in Chicago walked off of the job, demanding an eight-hour work day, something that was not yet common during that period. This was a "rebirth" for many workers and a victory none the less. This signaled the International Worker's Day as being May 1st around the world, but the United States did not yet establish the holiday for fear of the Haymarket affair, which stood for revolution at the time. The Haymarket affair started out as a peaceful rally for the workers, but quickly grew out of control when someone threw a stick of dynamite into the crowd. The U.S. was afraid of riots starting out, something the Haymarket affair was known for, so instead changed the holiday to what we now know as Labor Day and moved the date to September. Another possible reason the U.S. tried to further itself from International Workers Day could stem from the Bolshevik Revolution happening on May 1st 1917.

Current day seems to celebrate the holiday more for the arrival and blossoming of Springtime. The festivals usually have dancing, singing, cake, and food to celebrate. On a personal note, my grandmother was named May Day Queen when she was in high school. Whatever the holiday means to you, be sure to get out and celebrate the warm weather and sunshine. Let the festivities begin!