Travel Log

Washington DC October

I have to say, this most recent Washington DC trip was a real treat for me. I had a wonderful engagement shoot to do and straight afterwards left to travel down to DC Saturday night. This was the first time I traveled by myself into a big city and boy did it make me feel invigorated and alive! The only other time I traveled out of state by myself was to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, which is a completely different atmosphere. My relatives were gracious enough to let me stay in their condo again while I was visiting the city. Needless to say when I arrived I decided to have a nice glass of wine out on the deck and watch the night come alive on the city streets below. This is one of my favorite past times while in DC.

My dad was actually in Washington as well with the boy scouts on their Traveling Camporee. I met up with my friend Mike the next day and we walked into town to meet up with my dad and spend the day together. We visited the American History Museum, which I absolutely loved. So many memento's of Americana to see. To name a few, The Ruby Slippers, Archie Bunkers Chair, The First Ladies Gowns, Presidential History, Julia Child's kitchen, the list goes on. Afterwards Mike and I dropped my dad off and then had a lovely dinner before he had to leave. I decided that I wanted to see a movie, Dracula Untold, so we walked to the theater before he caught the next metro train.

Monday morning was all about relaxing on the deck with my tea and oatmeal. I was driving over to Arlington to meet up with my dad and visit. The last time I was in Arlington was 2005 and that was specifically to see the Kennedy grave site. This time we explored more of the cemetery, but of course spent the most time at the Kennedy grave. This was the last day of the camporee for my dad so he came back to the condo to stay an extra night. We got back and sat on the deck for a while and then went out to dinner at Del Frisco's in the City Center complex. Let me tell you, we both agreed we had never had a better meal in our lives. The steak was to die for. We had home made donuts and cappuccino after for dessert. The whole meal was exquisite. Not only that, but right out of the window was a beautiful DC lit up at night. That was one magical dinner to remember.

Tuesday we got some breakfast in China town and then walked down into DC taking pictures along the way of course. Our eventual destination was the Bureau of Engraving, a place my dad has always wanted to see. The next tour was about an hour away when we did get there, so we sat on a bench near the Washington Monument. It was a gorgeous day to be outside. Once we took the tour we made our way over to the boy scout monument, had lunch, and decided on visiting Ford's Theater since my dad had never been there. Once we got back to the condo, I showed my dad the roof top, and then said good-bye to my favorite city. This was certainly a trip for the record books. I had so much fun being able to catch up with Mike, explore DC with my dad, and also be on my own for a bit in the city.